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My Twitter timeline was hysterical after Friday’s water leak in the Harbor Tunnel. I could tell you but I mean, I could show you. Love the internet.

Looks crazy. Kind of reminds you of the beginning of one of the movies about the apocalypse. However, the Maryland Transportation Authority has given us a bit of a reason to suspend the “end of the world” theories. According to WBAL, the MTA says “the Harbor Tunnel’s pump and fan systems valve was being tested. That equipment supplies water to the fire department in case of emergencies. It was inadvertently opened, allowing water to flow into the tunnel.”

Once the crew noticed the water was flowing into the tunnel they immediately shut it off and stopped the flow of water. But of course, Twitter Twitter’d and we thought the world was ending here in Baltimore.

Seriously though, MTA says everything should be find going forward. “There was no safety issue and no malfunction,” MDTA officials said per WBAL..

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