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Today, we’re going to have a honest conversation about armpits and the funk that can seep out of them. For years, I’ve struggled with managing my sweat and how it translates to my scent. Simply put, I can sweat for absolutely no reason at all and then pay the consequences of smelling tart by the end of the day. I figured extra strength or clinical strength deodorants would be the key to my success, but they weren’t. I had funky pits and I needed a solution immediately.

I began to explore natural deodorants and was met with disappointment. I went from smelling regular bad to earthy bad. Although there’s a distinct difference, bad is bad. The truth is, I’m too cute to walk around with funky pits, so I was on the hunt for a healthy, honest solution. After posting about it on Facebook, friends began to chime in with suggestions. “I use lemon,” said one friend. “I’ve been doing it for years. It completely eliminates the odor.” One day, I decided to risk it all and give it a try. Before heading out to work, I cut a lemon and rubbed the juice under my arms. To my surprise, I went the entire day without a hint of funk.

I had no idea that people were really doing this until I heard Saweetie explain the importance of carrying lemons around with her. In Elle‘s November episode of Waking Up Withshe dropped some dope gems about how she keeps her pits fresh:

“A lot of people don’t know this, but when you use deodorant, it traps the toxins in there, and that’s why you always be musty. In order to alleviate that, put lemons instead of deodorant under your armpits!”

It’s a game-changer, people!

“It also lightens it. So dark marks, and all the funk, that’s caused by bacteria. So, instead of putting that nasty, unhealthy deodorant that blocks your pores, get you some lemons,” she continued.

I can 1,000% attest to this. My pits have never been the same since I discovered the power of a lemon. Honestly, it boosted my confidence so much because I didn’t have to be in a room with my arms glued to my sides.

If musty pits has been a struggle of yours, give this beauty hack a try. I never knew my body was having a negative reaction to deodorant until I switched up my products to something more natural. What do you think? Have you tried this beauty hack?


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