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No one loves Sukihana more than Sukihana. Addendum: maybe her fiancé Kill Bill (but we’ll get there). At 28-years-old, Sukihana — real name Destiny Henderson — has built a brand on her sexuality, unapologetic personality and salacious rap lyrics that landed her in Cardi B’s WAP video. The Atlanta rapper belongs to the rising force of femcees who promote female empowerment through unabashed visuals, sex-filled stanzas and did I mention sex?! Sukihana’s social media success translated to cash as a top earner on Only Fans. If f-ck what a hater has to say was a person it would be Sukihana.

Sukihana recently retired from Only Fans after generating enough income to take care of her family and fund her rap career. She’s come a mighty long way from the days she wore homemade designs to homeroom. Creating her own fashions as a teen on the sewing machine her grandmother gave her paired with grandma’s antique jewels was all part of Sukihana’s flare. Her individualistic style has always commanded attention. It’s what got her to where she is today.

Today, she is engaged to Kill Bill, who re-proposed to her at her lavish birthday party this November. She drives a droptop Bentley we watched her ride off the lot in. And her music career is thriving. We caught up over the phone the day after her party. She sounded like she was recovering from a well-deserved hangover. She began our conversation reminding me she’s celebrating her birthday. But I knew that already because I’m a fan. I watched the proposal with excitement to speak with her the next day. We wasted no time going back to her childhood where she developed her fashion sense.

“I love clothes,” she said softly. “I love mixing and matching. Like, that’s something I would like to become better at too. I usually hire a stylist for my video sets and everything, but lately I’ve been styling myself,” she explained. If she wasn’t a rapper she would be a stylist.

“I’ve been really fashionable since I was a child. Like I always had my own style. I just been very trendy and unapologetic. Back in the day, I couldn’t really afford designer and a lot of different things. Sukihana was raised by her grandmother, who would take her to thrift stores. That’s what she used to dress me in, secondhand clothes. So I used to like try to mix my outfit’s together to try to make myself look nice or whatever. And now that I can’t afford designer, I still mix my designer with my regular clothes. I might mix Versace with FashionNova.

Sukihana’s upbringing prepared her for the spotlight. “I just loved being creative. So if I’m sitting in class with necklaces and bracelets, ruffled socks and glasses — kids would make fun of me or whatever. I’m just used to, I’m used to serving people. I’m used to making people feel uncomfortable. So going from high school to social media is not much different. There’s bullies everywhere.”

The Pretty And Ratchet rapper likened social media to high school, where she said she gained her tough skin. But it’s her family who instilled in her unwavering confidence.

“I have so much confidence when it comes to my skin and my complexion and how I look is because of my upbringing, my mom, my family. I come from a biracial family, I’m literally the darkest out of everyone. All of my sisters are high yellow. I’m like the dark one out the group, but my mom raised me to love myself. I went to a culture arts school an all Black school and they taught us about our ancestors and where we came from.”

Sukihana made sure to encourage her daughter’s self-esteem the way her family did for her when she was a child. “My daughter is chocolate. I have chocolate babies. They’re darker than me. They’re chocolate, big nose, big lips, beautiful little black babies. I teach her every day. I tell her, you are chocolate girl. I show her chocolate and say ‘This is you, you, you are special.’ I teach her our melanin is beautiful. I show her pictures of dark women like Naomi Campbell. I always overly express, even when she’s not paying attention to me,  I’m like, ‘Look how dark and pretty our skin is.”

“We have to teach our children that this stuff is something to embrace and be happy about our nappy hair, our skin, our lips, our eyes, like this is something we have to be proud about, she added.

We finished our conversation with me praising her for practicing what she preaches. Sukihana often wears her natural hair and appears barefaced on social media. She would even rock her natural fro during sessions on her Only Fans account. It shifted the perception natural hair isn’t sexy.

“I didn’t even realize, until I watched it, how powerful that really is in itself. When people think sexy –they want to put the long straight hair on their head. They don’t want to get sexy for their man and wear an afro. They don’t want to get sexy for their man and wear their natural hair. They want to go and put a wig on. But Kill Bill. He, he showed me so much and he really loves Black women. He loves my hair. I don’t even wear weave at all — maybe for a video shoot or whatever.

She recalled the time Bill sat her down because she didn’t want to have sex due to her hair not being done.

“He really talked to me and said, ‘Listen, I love your hair. I love your afro. I love your skin.’ And it made me comfortable rocking my little Afro.”

Stream Sukihana’s mixtape Wolf Pu$$y.


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