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It’s an oft-quoted sports axiom that rivalries never die. The one between the NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens and former Philly Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb continues to prove that statement true. On the most recent episode of Bleacher Report’s “Untold Stories,” Owen said he “knows for a fact” that McNabb was drinking prior to Super Bowl XXXIX, and perhaps that was the main reason for their 24-21 defeat to the New England Patriots.

“I’ve talked to teammates since then and know for a fact he was out the night before,” Owens said. “He was out the night before pretty much the biggest game of all of our careers.”

Now, the former Eagles’ quarterback has had his drinking habits called into question before, but NFL players’ booze-infused pregame rituals are nothing new, similar to “Beast Mode” and his shots of Hennessy before games or how Josh Gordon “warmed up” with some Grand Marnier. However, there are allegations that McNabb might have taken things too far, to the extent that he was vomiting in the huddle during a critical fourth-quarter run.

You can wonder why he decided to share this potentially trivial footnote at this time, and this latest salvo may be in response to McNabb’s own appearance on “Untold Stories” earlier this year. McNabb appeared to reignite their longstanding beef when he said that he felt Owens was “a major distraction for us [with the Eagles]” and intimated that dealing with him was akin to working with a prima donna, “like [long time running soap opera] ‘Days Of Our Lives.’”

Although he didn’t mention McNabb directly, Owens clearly was not fond of that remark and noted, “I’m in the Hall of Fame for what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished.” That’s quite the weighty statement because McNabb is currently not a Hall of Famer. He has never been a finalist in the voting, and his eligibility window is dwindling with each passing year.

Owens threw in some more shots at how McNabb ended his career. “Check my stats before I got there and check my stats when I left. He is supposed to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league in his mind. You can’t go to Washington and not beat out Rex Grossman.”

It looks like there will be no brotherly love between the former Eagles teammates anytime soon.

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