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In the era of social media, everyone thinks they’re an expert and your timeline is full of self-proclaimed beauty gurus. But when it comes to developing a proper skincare regimen, consulting an actual professional is important.

We’re here to keep you ahead of the skin care game with advice from licensed dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba.

Dr. Alicia Barba breaks down the best ways to give your skin the moisture it needs during the winter. From exfoliation tips to layering skin care products and everything in between, here’s all the beauty tea you need. So, it’s time to swap the advice from social media beauty gurus to get correct and useful advice to give your skin TLC. Check out the best skin skin care tips from Dr. Barba below!

1. Avoid hot showers.

Dr. Barba shares that one of the most common culprits for dry skin is taking hot showers. “Every time you take a hot shower, it strips the skin of its natural oils, which can cause you to lose hydration,” she shares. “This ultimately leads to visibly dry, tight or ashy skin.” She recommends showering every day with cleansers that contain gentle moisturizers.

2. Layer your products on from lightest to thickest.

If you’re dealing with dry skin or simply need more hydration, you can’t go wrong by layering on moisturizing products. “The key is to apply the lighter product first, which is usually a cream, then an oil on top,” Dr. Barba explains. “This creates a sandwich-like effect that helps your moisturizers to penetrate deeply into the skin.”

3. Exfoliate your skin when needed.

It’s easy to think that exfoliating should be a daily activity in your body care regimen, but it’s actually not the same for everyone. You should start exfoliating once a week and listen to your skin,” Dr. Barba recommends. “Twice a week is all you may need to exfoliate your skin. After all, exfoliating too much can strip your skin of its natural lipids (skin’s natural fats that helps maintain the protective barrier) and proteins and make your skin worse.”

She also explains the importance of moisturizing after exfoliation. “Exfoliation and moisturization should always go hand in hand. If you have really dry skin, I recommend moisturizing two to three times a day. For exfoliation I personally use Dove Exfoliating Body Polish in Mango Butter & Almond Butter ($7.69, one to two times a week at the start of my shower and follow it up with a gentle cleanser like the Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar (3.99, It’s a great option to use on your face/body.”

4. Sunscreen is a daily skin care must-have.

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen is a must, even when you’re indoors. “Many people think if they are indoors then they don’t need to apply sunscreen, but remember that if you’re near a window the UV light can come through and penetrate the skin,” she shares. For a long time there was a belief that Black people don’t need sunscreen, but thankfully many skin care lovers have come to their senses.  Everyone needs sunscreen.

“In general sunscreen application all depends on what we do every day, Dr. Barba explains. “If you’re truly indoors and there are no windows around you then you’re probably fine with not wearing sunscreen that day. But if you’re outdoors, suffer from pigment disorders and/or are at high risk for skin cancer, then I absolutely would be wearing sunscreen, especially on your face!”


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