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Anita Baker fiercely introduces Aquarius season and the year of Aquarius by celebrating her 63rd birthday today. The top-charting  songstress is regarded as one the most popular singers during the height of the quiet storm period of contemporary R&B during the 1980’s. Anita Baker’s soulful romantic ballads are still the soundtrack to many of our soulful playlists. As a huge fan of the legend, it’s a must that we celebrate the life of an extraordinary talent, like Ms. Anita Baker, with a list of her timeless hits that will move your soul for a lifetime.

1. “Angel”

An undeniable hit in Anita’s catalogue is her song “Angel.” Anita Baker’s vocal range is unforgettable especially in the lower-range she showcases in this song. Anyone who has experienced her singing this song live will remind you of her incredibly powerful voice. Even if you can’t relate to what she’s singing in this song, you can certainly feel her.

2. “Sweet Love” 

The introduction to “Sweet Love” is one of those classic intros that you instantly recognize from the first beat. This single topped the Billboard charts at number 2 in 1986. Who knew Anita had the moves to accompany her iconic voice?

3. “Caught Up In The Rapture”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, paaaa” Anita created a masterpiece when she sang this timeless song. It takes immeasurable talent to make others feel the love you have for someone else the way Anita Baker does throughout her entire discography.

4. “Giving You The Best That I Got”

What we love most about Anita Baker’s music is the actual instrumentation to accompany her soulful vocals. Get into the live version of “Giving You The Best That I Got,” which peaked at number 1 on Billboard’s charts in 1988.

5. “I Apologize”

It is very rare that you get an apology out of a woman, but on this record, Anita Baker proclaims her apology to her man. Between her scatting and rifts throughout the hit song, Anita lends her sincerest apologies by righting her wrongs. Such a mature woman, because I can’t say I’d do the same.

6. “No One In The World”

Anita Baker highlights a bit of her acting skills in the beginning of the video for “No One In The World.” The official video also features a young Spike Lee characterized as an awful comedian before a bright performance by Anita Baker herself.

The love ballad aficionado graces each of her songs with love, passion and one of the most beautiful voices in R&B music history. We must give the gifted vocalist her flowers on this special day. Happy Birthday, Anita Baker! Thank you for your wonderful contributions to music.

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