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Remember when actress Stacey Dash was a huge supporter of Donald Trump, especially when he was the 45th President of the United States, and made regular appearances on Fox News Channel as a contributor for a while?  Now she regrets all of it and is apologizing for everything.

From Uproxx:

Yesterday Daily Mail TV aired an interview with the Black Girl Lost where she attempts to apologize for being a melanated meat puppet on Fox News so that they could siphon the oils from her skin to use as a salve for some white folks’ ironic apprehension about being considered racists. Remember when Stacey, at her big age of 52, sided with Führer Trump when he said that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the Charlottesville race riot? She is now denouncing all things Trump and blaming her former employer Fox News for “casting” her as an “angry Black woman.”

Dash also explained how her childhood shaped her views and opinions, in which affected her career in Hollywood.

Here’s part of Dash’s interview and apology:

A lot of people felt she choose to be in the role of an “angry black woman” who “chose to ride with whiteness” and “Maxine Waters a “buffoon.”

Not everyone is buying Dash’s apology though as one user is not willing to forgive the actress.

Anyway, Dash said she was willing give the current U.S. President Joe Biden a chance.  We shall see how long that will last.

She is appearing the new ‘Roe vs. Wade’ movie after all.

Are you willing to forgive Stacey Dash or naw?


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