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Is skin problems ruining your day?

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In the skincare world, there are endless products available that can suit your needs. Whether you need help with hyperpigmentation or need an eye cream to target under-eye bags, the product you need is sitting on a drugstore shelf. And while reducing the size of a pimple is usually left to a classic spot treatment, there are other products you can use to help you get a get a clearer complexion. This is where pimple patches come in.

Pimple patches are the newest skincare sensation that’s designed to treat blackheads, pus-filled bumps, and other surface-level acne. However, just because a new product is slated to treat specific skin concerns, doesn’t mean that it’s right for the current condition of your skin. That’s why it’s always important to consult with a professional before adding a new product to your regimen.

And we’re here to put your concerns at ease with the 4-1-1 on pimple patches from NYC-based esthetician Essence Moore, owner of the Lineage Skin & Hair Studio in Harlem.

Pimple patches are new territory for many of us and Essence is breaking down everything you need to know to help keep your melanin-rich skin in shape. From highlighting the best pimple patches for Black skin to basic tips to help you prevent breakouts, we’re answering all the questions you have about this trendy product. Grab a pen, pad, and get ready to receive all the info about pimple patches from Essence below!

1. Do pimple patches actually work?
There’s a reason for all the hype surrounding pimple patches. “Pimple patches absolutely work for treating your every day blemish,” Essence shares. So, if you have a pimple that pops up out of the blue, a pimple patch will come in handy.
2. Can pimple patches treat all types of acne? 
Not all acne types are the same. “When it comes to more cystic acne (acne that develops beneath your skin) situations, its typically best to make some changes in ones routine to address things more effectively,” she notes.
3. Are there particular patches people with melanin-rich skin should use?
A quick Google search will show you that pimple patches come in various colors and shapes. However, not all pimple patches are designed with melanin in mind. This is why Essence recommends Hero Cosmetics pimple patches. “They offer a few different kinds to target specific concerns like dark spots, inflammation, etc,” Essence shares.
4. What other products can be used in place of pimple patches?
It’s important to note that pimple patches shouldn’t be your only method for handling your acne troubles. Treating acne takes time, patience, and consistency. And this is where Essence recommends an “enzyme exfoliation during times of skin turmoil.”
“I keep the Ara by Essence Natural Enzyme Mask ($20.00,, in heavy rotation to reduce blemishes on my clients as well as myself,” she explains. “I also recommend the Sanitas B3 Clarifying Complex ($35.00, as a nightly spot treatment. The two work perfectly to calm the skin and diminish the chances of hyperpigmentation.”
5. What are your tips for minimizing and preventing breakouts?
Of course, you can stop breakouts before they develop with the right skincare routine. Not a skincare routine that a “social media beauty guru” suggests, but one that’s customized for you. “The most effective route would be to team up with a licensed professional to discuss your skin’s condition,” she shares.
“We can recommend a custom routine to help treat your specific concerns,” Essence explains. “This eliminates the stress of trying a million products that aren’t for you. Many estheticians —including myself—offer virtual consultations for this purpose.”

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