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Reebok X Allen Iverson "Why Not Us?" Campaign

Source: Kellen Hatanaka for Reebok / Reebok

Allen Iverson may have retired from the NBA a decade ago, but his influence is undeniably still felt on the hardwood.

Aside from his style of play, he’s also got one of the best signature sneaker lines to brag about, thanks to his Reebok partnership. Thankfully, the two are still rocking together and have joined forces for a new animated film entitled Why Not Us?

The video is about young athletes who don’t listen to the naysayers who think they can’t compete but instead fight and use their passion to succeed on the court or field.

Of course, Iverson had to be a part of the new campaign because he once was that person. Upon entering the league as the first draft choice in the 1996 draft, he was just 6 feet tall. However, what he lacked in height, he made up for in passion and drive.

That very question, “Why Not Us?” was posed by Iverson 20 years ago during the All-Star game when he scored 15 points in the fourth quarter despite the West having such towering players.

“Everybody was saying we couldn’t win because of our size,” said Iverson. “It’s about the size of your heart… Coming into the fourth quarter, we were all sitting on the sideline saying, ‘Why not us? Why can’t we be the ones to come back from a 19-point deficit in an All-Star game?’”

Reebok X Allen Iverson "Why Not Us?" Campaign

Source: Reebok / Reebok

The feat, which occurred in 2001, is relived in the animated clip and goes on to inspire kids in any sport –golf, swimming, dancing– to keep going even if the world is writing you off.

Aside from the short film, Reebok is also releasing the “Why Not Us?” Question Mids that have the quote printed on the tongue. Peep the film above and mark your calendars because the kicks are available globally in full-family sizing beginning March 19 for $140.

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