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Chris And Pastor Cal MAFS

Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

Chris Williams is a Black man with a great job, broccoli fade and closet full of ankle-bearing suits, so therefore, in his mind, he is naturally God’s gift to women. The Married At First Sight villain participant (if we can even call him that at this point) needs no introduction. But if you do, here’s one from our girl Jessie Woo:

Wednesday night, we watched Chris further disrespect his soon-to-be ex-wife Paige Banks by blaming MAFS experts for pairing him with an “unattractive” woman. When asked to elaborate, he responded, “I think it would have to be the physical features, like the face.”

Chances are, you already denounced this grade A fu*k boy after the first red flag — when he decided to tell his new wife Paige Bank’s closest friends that she wasn’t his definition of a trophy. Or when he asked his new bride about her sexual preferences while their family partied in the distance. But there was an even deeper fault line running through the foundation of their unconventional union. Despite having unprotected sex with Paige on several occasions, and their undeniable power couple potential on paper, he was just not attracted to the equally successful Paige, who went into MAFs with the intentions on finding a life partner.

Chris flashed his narcissistic nature early in the marriage, but Paige, to the dismay of Black women everywhere, gave him the benefit of the doubt because they took vows. It wasn’t until Chris revealed his ex-fiancé Mercedes is pregnant with his child. And then he bought a brand new Benz that Paige finally threw in the towel. We all sighed because watching a Black man put a Black woman through such emotional abuse was triggering.  Despite their decision to end the marriage, Chris is determined to continue to humiliate Paige because it’s only “protect Black women” when that woman is attractive.

It reminds me how Black men caped for Lauren London one week, then called Gayle King a “funky dog head b*tch” the next. But, I digress.

“It was just the physicality. I wasn’t attracted to the face. And I’m not being disrespectful here but it’s so many beautiful Black queens, White queens, Hispanic queens here in Atlanta and I just feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to find somebody. Because I’m not that picky,” Chris explained to Pastor Cal.

So Chris, a good seven in the face, which is heavily complimented by his six-figure salary, has a problem with seeing Paige’s worth because, by his standards, she wasn’t pretty enough.

In an interview with our sister site MadameNoire, Paige revealed she came into the MAFS situation with her own insecurities that were exacerbated by Chris not finding her to desirable.

“I was very disheartened because I’m married to you. You’re my husband. Obviously, any woman, especially on their wedding, want to feel desired, loved, appreciated and valued. And trust and believe, I already had a lot of insecurities going into the wedding. I didn’t like my look in general, already. So, I was already having things in the back of my head-insecurities. So for that to have been brought up later down the line, it really did hurt my feelings. I was distraught because of everything that had transpired the night before.”

Dr. Pepper Shwartz, MAFS expert, accurately labeled Chris a “narcissist.”

“And so many women, particularly under these kind of these circumstances, take it on themselves, that somehow they weren’t ‘something’ enough,” she added. “That is not the lesson to get here, because you deserve so much better.”

After two failed engagements, you would think Chris would do some self-reflecting and realize he is apart of his own problem. Paige and Mercedes, like so many other Black women, deserve better.


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