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Back in 2013, the world took notice of chatter that Diddy and J. Cole got into a bit of a physical kerfuffle at an industry party that thankfully didn’t escalate. Cole, who recently mentioned the moment on a recent track, connected with the original Bad Boy himself with the two playfully reenacting their fight.

Diddy posted a photo of the pair presumably on the balcony of a New York City hi-rise building, both decked in summer attire and posing cooly. The following post featured a video of the two hamming it up with the camera, with Diddy putting up his dukes and Cole, taken with laughter, doing the same.

It was a lot more serious in 2013 during an after-party for the MTV Video Music Awards. Based on what little information has come forth, Cole allegedly attempted to stand up for his friend and musical ally Kendrick Lamar but the dustup never went that far.

Cole addressed the matter on the track “let go my hand” from The Off-Season album with the lyrics that read, “My last scrap was with Puff Daddy, who would’ve thought it?/Bought that n*gga album in seventh grade and played it so much/You would’ve thought my favorite rapper was Puff/Back then I ain’t know sh*t, now I know too much.”

Diddy appears on the outro of the track, offering a serene prayer thus solidifying that they buried the issue quite some time ago. However, it was good to see the two stars having a good time about it and are clearly aligned.

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