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Atlanta rapper Gunna has crafted a signature melodic sound in music that is unmatched. His sound has made a massive impression in hip hop’s sound these last few years. Gunna has been one of the most sought after voices featured on some of the biggest records in rap with Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, and Young Thug, who signed Gunna as his first artist under YSL Records in 2017 after a public battle with Gucci Mane. At the young age of 28 years old, Gunna is making waves bigger than one of his notable hit records “Drip or Drown.”

From Gunna’s record “Drip Too Hard” with long-time collaborator Lil Baby to his single “Top ” which dominated airwaves, Gunna has taking the reign as one of the most notable rappers to come out of Atlanta with his memorable melodies and Insta-caption worthy lyrics. The 28 year-old is influencing the charts and his community by giving back with label mate and friend Young Thug. A beautiful sight for the hip hop community indeed.

In celebration of Gunna’s born day and his highly sought-after talents, we acknowledge some of the rapper’s best lines throughout the years.

Drip Too Hard

“I don’t want your chain, Young GonWunna not a slave.”

It’s the awareness for us. In a world where rappers are quickly growing into activists, it is fortifying to hear Gunna talk about the twisted parallel of rapper’s love for their noteworthy chains and the unfortunate time of slavery for Black people.

Oh Okay

“YSL Uber these jets. Put ’em in some VVS (Oh, oh, okay)”

Gunna is not new to a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. In this verse, he talks about how his label YSL “Ubers” private planes comparing their frequency commuting on jet to one of the largest transportation services.


“I gotta keep going in. Walk in that flame make it storm again.”

Pretty certain Gunna is referring to the infamous Atlanta strip club Blue Flame when he mentions walking “in that flame” making it “storm again.” Gunna is a wordsmith, having a way with words and melodies that flow so effortlessly.


“I put Prada on my collar ‘cause she proud of what I said. I’m a leader, I got ‘em followin’ my footsteps like the feds. I shoot like I’m Montana, chopper bullets make ‘em shed.”

Once again, the flow, the analogies and the confidence. WUNNA was definitely one of his most complete bodies of work to date.

Sold Out Dates

“Drippin’ is rare, more this Vlone. Hoes by the pair, I’m never alone. Sleep on the Lear, Comme des Garçons. Drop eight in a two and let it dissolve. Balmain my denim, young GunWunna ball. Rock the whole concert and hopped in a frog.” 

This song with Lil Baby is unforgettable. Gunna literally talks about stunting the entire song and we can’t even be mad at it.

Business Is Business

“You learned how to drip from you watchin’ my page. Niggas be tossin’, somebody decay. Off-White’d the coupe and the inside is beige. I pop this shit like I’ve been doin’ for ages.”

A nod to his haters, Gunna talks about people stealing his style from lurking his page. It’s the continuous flex that gets the people going.

Top Off

“Ain’t no milk I’m a cash cow. Gunna came with his own sound.”

Gunna absolutely knows he’s created his own sound, and he doesn’t seem bothered by anyone attempting to imitate it as he refers to himself in third person in the next line. “You ain’t stealing his flow now.”

Drip or Drown

“Lifetime of hats ’cause you always be cappin. Niggas ain’t eatin’, stop cappin’, you ain’t fastin”

Honestly, so hard to choose one line from this song. It’s one of our personal favorites for obvious reasons — nonstop bars.

We will leave you with these eight songs in hopes that you continue exploring Gunna’s discography on his special day. What a poet he has become.

Happy Birthday, Gunna!

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