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My earliest memories of Cherish are watching their Do It To It video on repeat after I saw its premiere on 106 & Park. It was something about seeing a group of Black girls who had undeniable swag, dope stage presence and vocals for days, that made me in awe of them every time they came across my television screen. Since their big break, the group has transformed into a duo with the twins Felisha and Fallon King taking the reigns.

Now, the two ladies are starring in BET’s The Encore, a show that has the goal of forming the ultimate supergroup of talented women including Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day, Total’s Pamela Long, and 702’s LaMisha and Irish Grinstead. While there’s no doubt that Cherish can add their own sauce and swagger to the group, can all of these girl group alumnae of our faves come together? Thankfully, on behalf of HelloBeautiful, I had the opportunity to catch up with Felisha and Fallon about their thoughts.

After internally geeking out over the fact that I was on the phone with two of the women who penned a song that I danced to in my bedroom, I posed a question to Cherish about their initial decision to move into the music mansion. “We didn’t want to do reality TV,” Felisha admitted to HelloBeautiful. Seven years ago, a close friend of theirs by the name of Carlos King, a famed reality television producer, presented the idea to Fallon and Felisha and they filmed a pilot. 

After being asked again this time around, while initially hesitant, they decided to really think this one through. “We thought it would be a great experiment, so to speak, and experience to be able to be around other women that have been through what we’ve been through in the industry and for our fans to get a look at what we’ve been doing lately,” she continued. The Amnesia singers have definitely been up to a lot since their debut album days. Fallon wrote and produced 2x RIAA® Platinum Certified single Easy performed by DaniLeigh featuring Chris Brown, while Felisha’s latest success includes co-writing Justin Bieber’s “Peaches,” which debuted at the #1 spot on the Billboard HOT 100 songs chart and simultaneously on the Billboard 200 albums charts. 

“It was very enlightening to get other people’s story. It gives you this moment to self-reflect on what may be your flaws or what you may be able to become better at,” Fallon reflected on her learning experience while filming The Encore. She acknowledged that being in a group with her sisters Felisha, Farrah and Neosha was a different experience from being in a group with other women who weren’t family at all. “The respect level is just a little different. I talk to my sister however I want to talk to my sister, but when it comes to other women, you have to be very tactful with the way you approach things,” she explained further.

Fallon and Felisha told me that they can both be very candid and forward when they speak and as businesswomen, that tends to be their natural candor. However, learning to work with other women presented an initial challenge to those with different strengths and talents than others. Through it all, the women on the show were able to dispel any stereotypes placed against women who were not able to function together in a cohesive setting in the music industry. 


Source: BET / BET

When it comes to style and fashion, Felisha believes that image is everything when it comes to putting any successful brand together. “Style and image is everything. You have to make sure you have a cohesive look when it comes to being in a group. I want to say it’s almost just as important as music and everything else that goes along with putting out a group,” she said before Fallon chimed in.

“If you think about Ariana Grande, you’re going to think about a ponytail,” said Fallon. “It’s kind of a branding and a marketing strategy as well. It’s important to make sure every single part of your brand is on point to be remembered.”

When asked about their personal styles, this set of twins are more different in aesthetic than one may think upon first look at their identical faces. “I think I’m more between Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union. I love wearing business suits and heels and even on a regular cool day, I wear something like a Bohemian sort of chic,” Felisha said of her own preference as her sister affirmed. Fallon described herself as a comfortable yet sexy and stylist look. “I would definitely say my style is probably between a J-Lo and Aaliyah. It’s the crop tops and the jeans or the baggy pants or something,” she said.

Thinking back to their Miss Pimp days in the early 2000s, Fallon and Felisha shared some of their favorite throwback trends including low-rise jeans, belly rings, chokers and capri pants. Fallon shared that she would love to see side parts make a comeback as well. “Apparently side parts aren’t in it anymore and I’m trying to figure out why they’re not, but okay,” she said confusingly as we laughed together. With all this nostalgia talk, I absolutely had to ask them about their biggest style regrets and Felisha was up first and eager to share.

“I would say my eyebrows. For some reason in the early 2000s, we did not do our eyebrows and I don’t know what that was about,” she said. “I look back on pictures and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. Why didn’t I line my eyebrows?’.” Fallon chimed in next to share her biggest regrets. “Blush – we used to overdo blush and I don’t know why I did that,” she said. “Also lining our lips black. For some reason, that was a thing. Now we can do like brown, but we used to do it just all black.”


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