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Many people are still talking about the 2021 BET Awards, but one of the more surprising topics of discussion ended up being the validity of white rapper Jack Harlow being nominated in the first place.

The Morning Hustle crew took some time to analyze the situation, and as always we got some interesting perspectives from HeadKrack, Angie Ang and Lore’l collectively.


Similar to what Eminem had to go through in the past, many people found it to be an oxymoron that Harlow, although a huge presence in the hip-hop world with tons of support from the Black community, was nominated for awards given to Black people for their excellence in the arts.

Here’s what Lore’l had to say:

“He shouldn’t be nominated — it’s called “Black” Entertainment Television. Imma say it again; “Black” Entertainment Television. The point of the matter is, we used to not be invited to no award shows, so we had to create our own to acknowledge the talent in our community. [sic]

Of course, HeadKrack came through with an interesting rebuttal himself. Read his stance on the subject:

“Is Jack Harlow not out here creating Black entertainment? When you listen to Jack Harlow’s album, is it not hip-hop? Is he not rapping better than a large percentage of dudes who, quote-on-quote, can rap?”

Angie Ang put things in perspective in a good way as well. Peep where she stands on the topic:

“To bring it back to BET though, it’s also about Black excellence and Black music. I do think that Jack Harlow, while he may not be Black, like Krack said he’s making Black music. He also seems to respect the culture.” 

Simply put, they each come through with strong points to defend their respective opinions on the matter, but ultimately we can all agree that “WHATS POPPIN” was a catchy single that Black people and urban radio surely helped get to #1 on the US Rhythmic chart. Whether it deserved to be nominated for an award in Black excellence, well, let’s take some of your theories when it comes to that.

Peep the latest debate below on The Morning Hustle, and let us know if you think Jack Harlow deserved to be nominated for awards in Black excellence as a white rapper:


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