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It’s quite obvious that Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur had a close relationship before the rap icon’s unfortunate 1996 killing, but year after year we learn more about their past relationship that alludes to them actually being lovelorn sweethearts rather than simply childhood homies.

One of Shakur’s former rap affiliates, Outlawz member Napoleon, gave some new insight into an alleged situation that occurred involving Jada pleading with 2Pac to not pull a literal “Hit Em Up” on then-boyfriend, now-husband, Will Smith.



Napoleon revealed the story during a recent interview with The Art of the Dialogue, speaking in detail on a past conversation he and Pac had in Los Angeles that alluded to his anger over Jada’s assumption. “He was very upset,” Napoleon says while recollection on the situation, further adding, “Pac came in the room, he was like, ‘Jada…she gon’ contact me and tell me, ‘Don’t do nothing to Will Smith!’ [Laughs] Pac was upset — he was like, ‘I don’t know why she think that I would try to make some problems with Will Smith.’” [sic]

A lot of people have come to wonder why Tupac and Jada never just dated to begin with since they knew each other years before Will came into the picture. Well, Napoleon had somewhat of an answer for that too. Here’s what he said in regards to how 2Pac felt about Will & Jada’s relationship at the time:

“Was he cool with them dating? He had no other choice, I think. Pac respected Jada Pinkett so much where — that was her choice. He was the type of person where he’s gonna support her. 

He was offended when she asked him not to do anything to Will Smith, from a standpoint not to be violent towards him. I think that just hurt him more than anything, because he was like, ‘What do you think this is? I’m not walking around being this impulsive, violent individual. So I think that probably kind of hurt his feelings at the particular time.”


With Will admitting himself in the past that he was jealous of Jada’s relationship with 2Pac, and even their daughter Willow Smith penning posthumous letters to Pac begging him to return from the dead, it’s safe to say Shakur is a very touchy subject in that household!

Based off Pac’s beautiful “Lost Soulz” letter to Jada that she recently revealed on his would-be 50th birthday last month (seen above), and for the sake of not creating any kind of “entanglement” from the grave, we’ll just continue to see them as very good friends that had one unbreakable bond.

After peeping the interview with Napoleon below, sound off with your thoughts on Jada’s alleged plea with Pac: was she wrong to assume premeditated violence on his behalf, or was she valid in her thinking given her dear old friend’s violent lyrics and rap persona?


Jada Pinkett Smith Reportedly Offended 2Pac For Insinuating He Would Hurt Will Smith  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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