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R&Pee singer R. Kelly finally has new legal representation after his old team dumped him last month. As the racketeering trial date fast approaches, they’re requesting a delay fearing there won’t be enough time to prepare for their day in court.

According to Law & Crime, the delay request cites that attorney Deveraux L. Cannick has limited access to Kelly due to the current conditions of his incarceration paired with pandemic restrictions. The obstacles make it difficult to fully dive into his “massive discovery” before the trial date next month.

“We write to request a delay in the commencement of Robert Kelly’s trial,” Cannick wrote in a motion to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. “While he is anxious to move forward and address the charges against him, it is my considered view that given my limited access to him as well as circumstances of his detention, I simply do not have enough time to adequately meet with him and also digest the massive discovery.”

The letter mentions that Kelly is mandated to quarantine for 14 days from the date of his arrival at the Brooklyn lockup before the trial date, making it almost impossible to meet with each other adequately.

“[W]hen he is out of quarantine, MDC has very limited conference rooms for us to meet,” Cannick says. “If a room is not available, then we must meet at a table along with other attorneys and their respective clients. The nature of the evidence here does not lend itself to open frank discussions in such an environment.”

Cannick knew that taking Kelly’s case this close to the trial date could present challenges but didn’t think it would be an issue. News flash: it is. And he’s down bad.

“Before agreeing to joining Mr. Kelly’s defense team, I was aware of the trial date. Although, I thought that that it would take a herculean effort to get up to speed, I thought it would be possible to do so. However, with Mr. Kelly not being available and the limited access that would be available to effectively meet with him, we would not have enough time to have meaningful preparation for an August 9th trial date.”

The motion acknowledges that though Kelly’s charges are serious, he still has the right to have an “effective and meaningful representation” with his legal counsel.

“Therefore, we respectfully request an adjournment of the trial date so that he can adequately prepare and assist in his defense,” the motion concludes. “My request is not by any means a dilatory tactic. As I mentioned previously, Robert is anxious to have his day in court; however not at the expense of his Sixth Amendment rights. In the interest and fair play, Robert Kelly respectfully request that his trial date be postponed.”

As previously mentioned, R’uh was dumped by his legal team last month because they felt they “weren’t comfortable professionally with allowing lawyers who have never tried federal criminal cases to have significant trial responsibilities.” Read more here.

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