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Loki episode 3

Source: Marvel / Disney+

Episode 3 of Marvel’s Loki was full action and plenty of character development. We learn a little more about…

SPOILERS AHEAD — catch up with our Episode 2 recap right here.


“Lady” Loki aka Sylvie.

Loki episode 3

Source: Marvel / Disney+

C-20, dressed as a civilian shares drinks with “Lady” Loki, who is also dressed as a civilian. They are in a bar apparently not known for having a high sanitary score. Lady Loki is trying to coerce C-20 into revealing information about location of the Timekeepers. The scene feels like a memory, they are chilling in a futuristic Applebee’s, something is not right though. We pan out to see Lady Loki extracting the information she needs from C-20 as Loki and Mobius close in on her. The title card rolls.

Post title, a time door appears in the TVA locker room. Lady Loki appears and puts her hair up as she is about to get busy. Quickly realizing her powers of enchantment are ineffective, Lady Loki goes mano a mano and makes short work of the Minutemen guards. Meanwhile our Loki appears through the time door. Realizing he is in the locker room at the TVA, he arms himself with his daggers (confiscated by B-15 just before the jump to Alabama).

On the other side of the TVA building, Lady Loki is still handing out knuckle and foot sandwiches to the outmatched Minutemen. She approaches the gold door elevators described by C-20 as our Loki comes from around the corner. Daggers in hand he announces he has a few questions for which Lady Loki is not in the mood. As they fight the ever-talkative Loki communicates his desire that they work together. Lady Loki isn’t having it as they fight to a stalemate. Judge Renslayer arrives cutting the Loki on Loki action short. Lady Loki threatens prime Loki at sword point as Renslayer says “Go for it” and lunges in attack. However, in true Loki fashion, our Loki grabs the TemPad, presses some buttons, and he and Lady Loki disappear through a time door in the floor.

They arrive in a tool shed on a purple-hued planet and the rumble continues. Lady Loki spots the TemPad, shakes off Loki and gets the upper hand. She prepares to make him disappear using the pad and realizes it isn’t working because it is out of juice (even the TVA has to charge their devices). A couple of slaps later Loki has the device, claiming he knows how to charge it, he makes it disappear using a magic trick. He claims she is not the only tech savvy Loki to which she takes offense. She then becomes very adamant about not wanting to be called a “Loki”. But before they fight again, or we get to find out what she’d rather be called, something falls through the roof. Recognizing they might be in trouble, Lady Loki asks where they are.

Loki episode 3

Source: Marvel / Disney+

Lamentis-1, 2077, meteors fly as the camera zooms out to reveal a huge mining settlement. From the cracked moon above, it is pretty safe to say it is about to crash down to the planet below. While on the hoof, Lady Loki confirms this, and remarks that no one makes it off the planet in this apocalypse. As meteorites continue to crash down around them, our Lokis escape into a bunker off in the distance.

Once inside the bunker, Lady Loki attempts to enchant Loki to no avail. Realizing her powers won’t work on him they prepare to kill each other again. They don’t as they realize they need each other to get the pad recharged so they can escape. There is some additional banter around Lady Loki’s plan being disturbed, ultimately they set out to find a plug and a charger. Their destination is a nearby town. While en route, Lady Loki reveals she isn’t a “Loki” anymore and has created the alias “Sylvie” for herself. Loki sarcastically recants her plan and declares he would not have done anything remotely similar.

Arriving in the town, the pair find it completely abandoned. Sylvie says the people’s efforts to escape are in vain as there are 12 hours left before everyone dies. They travel through the town trading verbal barbs before coming upon a lone woman in a house. She blasts them both with a miniature cannon then explains that everyone is attempting to escape the planet via a ship called the Ark. She directs them to the train station at the edge of town and warns them that they won’t be able to get a ticket.

Loki episode 3

Source: Marvel / Disney+

At the train station, the line is long and people are frustrated. Loki and Sylvie approach the front the line and bicker over a plan to get on the train. Ultimately Loki makes the decision to do it his way, magically changing his clothes into the same gear as the guards. Even though he is dressed as a guard they are asked for their tickets, Loki’s plan isn’t working. In the end Sylvie enchants the guard, they get on the train, and head to the bar car.

Sitting down, the duo appears to converse cordially, discussing Loki’s magic and mom at first. He says his mom taught him magic and she was a good person. Sylvie says she barely remembers hers, she also taught herself the enchantress trick in contrast to Loki. While Loki sips champagne they get on the topic of love and what it is. Sylvie claims she’s been in a running relationship with a postman whilst running across time from one apocalypse to the other. Loki says he’d dabbled in a few princes and princesses but nothing real, bringing them back to the topic of what love is. The conversation ends as they agree they both need to relax to prepare for what comes next.

Sylvie awakens to a drunk Loki who has the entire car engaged in a sing-a-long of the Asgardian (Norwegian) folk song: Jeg Saler Min Ganger. She reminds him they are supposed to be keeping a low profile but he shrugs her off. He’s come to revelation that love is like a dagger and explains why he feels so. Sylvie rebuffs his metaphor as guards arrive asking for tickets. A fight ensues, and Loki is thrown from the train with Sylvie hopping off to follow. Rolling to a stop on the ground, they discover the TemPad is broken. Coming to grips with how dire their situation is, the two hatch a last ditch plan to hijack the Ark and escape.

During the walk to the Ark, Loki comments he has shared a lot about himself yet he doesn’t know much about Sylvie. He asks her how her enchantment powers work, after some prodding she finally explains. She says she needs to make physical contact so she can reach out and grab their minds. There is some additional exposition about creating fantasies from memories and whatnot. The most important reveal of the conversation is when Sylvie explains how she broke C-20. She discloses that she had to pull a memory from hundreds of years ago, before C-20 worked for the TVA to break her. Loki is confused (as are we) because Mobius told us he and the other agents were “created” by the Timekeepers. Sylvie goes on to say the agents are variants just like they are. Loki responds that if it is true, the agents are not aware of it. There is no time to discuss, an announcement in the background informs us the Ark is about to leave, without them.

Entering town via tunnel, the troublesome two confirm that they can trust each other (wink, wink). There is a crowd of people between them and the Ark. Sylvie suggests they go around there are only five minutes until launch. Everyone pauses as the moon above collapses and begins to fall towards them, all Hell is about to break loose. Our diabolical duo is forced to negotiate meteorites, guards, and falling buildings as they struggle to make it to the Ark in time. Their spectacular fight is cut short; the Ark is destroyed before they are even able to get close. Loki is left speechless as Sylvie walks off in disgust bringing this week’s episode to a close.

Lamentis is so far the shortest episode in the series clocking in at just over 40 minutes although it felt longer. Even so we are left with bigger questions than we had coming into this week. What are Sylvie’s intentions? Is she good, bad or just, misunderstood? Can we trust her? Can we trust Loki? We don’t even want to get into whatever is going on at the TVA.

Only time will tell as we wait with bated breath for next Wednesday.

Loki episode 3

Source: Marvel / Disney+

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