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Charles Barkley Calls Athletes Who Refuse To Get Vaccinated "Selfish"

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

The round mound of rebound Charles Barkley again sounds off people who still choose to be unvaccinated. This time, he is calling out professional athletes. 

In July, Charles Barkley didn’t mince words when he called people still choosing not to get vaccinated “a**holes.” The outspoken basketball Hall-of-Famer who is vaccinated has now set his sights on sports stars. While guest-hosting “The Mike Missanelli Show” on Philadelphia’s 97.5, The Fanatic Barkley spoke about the athlete’s hesitancy to get the potentially life-saving shot.

Barkley called them “selfish” while pointing out how they were fortunate to navigate the pandemic financially unscathed because they’ve “gotten every check” while still playing professional sports in empty arenas. At the same time, regular people were relegated to their homes to avoid contracting COVID-19, lost their jobs, and died from the virus.

“For us to be selfish and not trying to help the world get back where we can take these stupid masks off and go out to dinner in a full restaurant, I just think it’s selfish,” the 58-year-old Inside The NBA analyst said.

“I’ve heard these idiots talk about chips in it, and I heard people talking about [the government] wants to follow us around,” Barkley added about the ridiculous conspiracy theories that have been made about the shot. “They can follow us around anyway. Everybody got a cellphone. And first of all, what are you doing that you’re worried about people following you?”

Barkley’s comments come as there are still some NFL stars out here refusing to be vaccinated. Baltimore Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson remains unvaccinated even after catch COVID-19 twice. Recently released superstar Cam Newton is also unvaccinated still even after falling victim to the league’s very stringent rules put in place to make life hard for players adamant about not getting the shot. Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz, who just returned from the COVID-19 injury list, is still not getting vaccinated using the athlete’s favorite excuse calling it a “personal decision,” claiming he weighs “every pro and con.”

What con outweighs being protected from death?

As for Barkley’s former employer, the NBA, well, the association is not playing either. We’re not really hearing the pushback about being vaccinated as we are from NFL players, but life will also be hard for anyone who chooses not to be. The league announced all referees, coaches, and staff must be vaccinated. Fans sitting courtside at games must be vaccinated or present a recent negative COVID test. Knicks, Nets, and Warriors players must be vaccinated to play home games. 

Barkley is making sure he is on the right side of history and be a team player when it comes to this situation.

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty

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