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Highlights from Megan Thee Stallion Interview With Gayle King

Megan Thee Stallion sat down with Gayle King and revealed a few new things about this ongoing case involving Tory Lanez.

Not only did the ‘Plan B’ rapper provide more details on what went down following the aftermath of the shooting but now we have learned exclusively that text messages sent from Megan’s former best friend, Kelsey Nicole, may indeed provide evidence of the shooter. The text messages sent from Kelsey’s phone to Megan’s security allegedly says ‘Help! Tory shot Megan!”

The ‘Savage’ rapper holds back tears as she recalls Tory saying ‘Dance b—-!’ before shooting her in her feet. Megan talks about what the doctors said and explains why she lied and said she fell on glass at first to protect Tory and her crew from getting in trouble. Megan says Tory was begging and bribing her to be quiet.

“[After the shooting] he’s apologizing. He’s like ‘I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell nobody. I’ll give yall a million dollars if yall don’t say nothing.’”

She continued,

“And I’m like, ‘what are you talking bout? Like, why are you offering me money right now? Help me! And if you’re sorry, just help me!”

When asked if she and Tory had a sexual relationship Megan answered no.

“I think he’s trying to deflect from the fact that he – committed a crime.”

Some sources say a plea deal may be coming down for Tory Lanez within the next couple of months.

Will Smith Spotted At Private Airport In India

We might have some insight on what Will Smith has been up to following the infamous slap at the Oscars. Reportedly the 53-year-old Academy award-winning actor has been spotted in a private airport in India over the weekend. This is his first appearance since he slapped Chris Rock on the Oscars stage.

According to PEOPLE, Smith arrived at the Mumbai airport on Saturday and was greeted by paparazzi in true movie star fashion. Sources say Smith even took time to take pictures with fans while wearing a set of NIKE sneakers with a white tee and compression pants. Doesn’t look like he’s in a rush to make it to the Red Table for a talk anytime soon. 

Reports claim his wife talked him into a trip to India to find some healing.

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