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News Conference Held Over Viral Video Of Sesame Place Character Ignoring Two Black Children During Parade

Nylah Brown, one of the two young girls who lawyers allege were ignored by a Sesame Place actor dressed as Rosita at Sesame Place in Philadelphia due to their race, stands with her mother, lawyers and community activists at a news conference on July 20, 2022, in New York City. | Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

Apparently, Sesame Place is still trying to live down the viral moment when one of its costumed employees appeared to snub two Black girls drawing the ire of the children’s family and probably half the internet.

It probably didn’t help that while the park was scrambling for a PR fix to quell the outrage after the initial incident, other videos that appeared to show Black-child-joy-allergic park employees started to surface.

So, what is Sesame Place doing to restore its image and make itself look more like an amusement park and less like a MAGA rally with life-size puppets? (I’m obviously being hyperbolic. I mean, every MAGA rally included a yuge orange puppet.) Well, one thing the park has done to try to make amends is invite Jodi Brown, the woman who recorded the original video, and the two snubbed Black children back to the park for free. Unfortunately for Sesame Place, the Brown family’s response can be described with one wordNah

.B’Ivory Lamarr, the attorney for the Brown family, told TMZ the family rejected the invite because they still haven’t heard anything about whether the employee who allegedly snubbed the girls was fired or even disciplined at all or just placed in another costume to “terrorize other children.” (OK, now that’s hyperbolic—but I get it.)

Not only that, but Lamar said there was a sit-down meeting that occurred three weeks ago between executives at SeaWorld Entertainment and Rev. Jesse Jackson—who previously wrote a letter to Sesame Place politely explaining to them how they f****** up and how they can do better by Black folks. Apparently, that meeting was just another fail, as was the meeting that came after it.

From TMZ:

Lamarr says the Browns were invited to the meeting, but were unable to go inside and ended up waiting in the lobby for hours.

There was a follow-up meeting that occurred earlier this week between the Brown family, SeaWorld execs, and the leadership from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Lamarr claims the meeting was labeled a mediation, but really it was just the family voicing their concerns, then being offered a sandwich and cookies.

But beyond all that, the family is rejecting the park’s groveling-a** offer because they don’t want the girls to be further traumatized. The girls’ parents have already said they’ve had to seek therapy for them because of the emotional damage the incident had done.

Maybe it’s time for Sesame Place to leave well enough alone.

Or at least pay for those therapy bills.


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