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Tatayana Yomary Nighttime Skincare Routine with Urban Skin Rx YouthHero AM/PM Serum

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A wise person once said there’s no such thing as having too many serums in your collection. From hyaluronic acid for a moisture boost to niacinamide for improving skin dullness, the options are endless for preserving your melanin. However, a 2-in-1 serum can eliminate the clutter without sacrificing your skincare game. Thanks to Urban Skin Rx’s YouthHero AM/PM Serum, there’s a new way to elevate your routine.

The brand’s newest innovation offers the perfect transition for your daytime and nighttime skincare routines. The AM serum boasts a formula of vitamin C and a blend of alpha arbutin that boosts an even and bright skin tone. At night, flip the bottle and explore the PM serum that features a mix of hyaluronic acid and a granactive retinoid that fights free radicals, moisturizes, and reduces visible signs of aging.

It’s normal for some folks to have reservations about using retinoids, especially those with sensitive skin. However, Urban Skin Rx aesthetician educator Ivey Rogers shares that anyone can use the formulation. It all comes down to strategic applications.

“Those with sensitive skin should start off using either serum every other day and every other night for the first week or so before gradually increasing to daily and nightly usage,” Ivey told HelloBeautiful. “This gives you a chance to see how your skin reacts to the ingredients; however, both serums are generally suitable for sensitive skin.”

Urban Skin Rx YouthHero AM/PM Serum

Source: Urban Skin Rx

Although the 2-in-1 formula launched on Feb. 22, 2024, I had the pleasure of testing the multifunctional find for a few weeks before its release. Truth be told, I’ve noticed some fine lines slowly creeping in over the last two years despite regularly using eye creams and serums. Not to mention, I’ve been dealing with dark spots along my chin region since my mid-20s. So, I was excited to see how the offering measures up.

I started my nighttime routine, including the new addition: the Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar ($16+,, the YouthHero PM Serum, the Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Super Glow Serum ($24, the Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream ($22,, and the Naturium Vitamin Bright Illuminating Eye Cream in Medium/Deep ($18, 

After applying the PM serum, I noticed how quickly the formula absorbed into my skin. In addition, I didn’t need to apply another moisturizing serum to my canvas. Skin types vary, so you can reach for a hyaluronic acid serum if needed. 

“You can apply either or first as the hyaluronic acid molecules will draw more moisture into your skin either way,” Ivey said. “If the hyaluronic acid serum you’re using doesn’t have additional brightening ingredients, I would apply the YouthHero first for those who have hyperpigmentation and concerns with fine lines and wrinkles so that the brightening and firming ingredients get absorbed first.”

The next morning, I followed through with my routine: the Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar ($16+,, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner($16+,, the YouthHero AM Serum, the Naturium Vitamin Bright Illuminating Eye Cream in Medium/Deep ($18,, and the Black Girl Sunscreen SPF30 ($18.99, 

After application, I noticed the same results with quick serum absorption. In addition, the product paired well with my sunscreen — sans any pilling. As I continued the routine for the next few weeks, my skin appeared brighter, with darker spots along my chin slowly lightening. This 2-in-1 serum exceeded my expectations.

Not only does the Urban Skin Rx YouthHero AM/PM Serum reaffirm the importance of using a serum in your routine, but this formula addresses multiple skincare issues simultaneously. I look forward to testing out the next Urban Skin Rx innovation. Thank you, Urban Skin Rx!


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