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We always hear about these freak accidents happening on some crazy TV show like craziest stunts or dumbest criminals but for this to happen at the 2016 Rio Olympics though??? So this happened…. A gymnast was wrapping up his routine when he made a wrong flip (or something) and landed on his leg which snapped […]

Drake is tired of being labeled a soft light-skinned brutha who can’t speak up for himself! He got tired of the lies according to reports. The story claims Drake performed at a Hot 97 event where he took the stage and opportunity to shade a very important Hot 97 staff member who goes by the name […]

TMZ is reporting Lil’ Wayne is a suspect in a club beat down at a party after the BET Awards. Here is what is being reported: Lil Wayne slugged a nightclub doorman after the BET Awards … according to the doorman, who’s filed a battery report with LAPD. The bouncer was working the door Sunday night […]

Today is National HIV Testing day and across the country, HUMAN BEINGS are being encouraged to get tested and KNOW YOUR STATUS! There are various locations in the DMV who are hosti,g free testing sites. Please go get tested! It’s FREE! It’s WORTH IT! Walgreens  AIDS Health Foundation, Temple Hills- 4302 St. Barnabas Road and 2121 […]

Last night, Black America was SERVED during a soul piercing acceptance speech from actor/activist Jessie Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) when receiving his Humanitarian of the Year Award at the BET Awards. Social media went in (in a positive way) praising his words as they were of encouragement and awakening following the recent gun violence activities that […]