Who? What? When? Where? Why? Are the basics of a question but on international question day, you gotta come with some good ones! Angie and Chey ask our listeners if you could ask someone any question and they had to answer, what would you ask? See some of the responses in the comments below… https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu_SSKDA5DG/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1de2vue7pcujq

In this morning message things are kept pretty clear. You can’t be too casual about life. You have to keep knocking in order for things to happen. If you give up too soon or easily, you’ll never know what’s on the other side of that door.

Every Morning Angie begins the show with a little motivation to start everyone’s day off right. This is a great moment for some of our listeners to reflect on the upcoming day and get ready to take it head on! In this message XONecole shares the importance of following through, even if you fail, always […]

Beverly Bond, who is the creator of Black Girls Rock, stopped by to speak with Angie Ange for International Womens Day. She has been a great inspiration to others and has created a foundation for showcasing the amazing works Black Girls are doing everyday. This year is the inaugural Black Girls Rock Fest and Angie […]

During this season there are two legends who may be done at the end of it. Dwayne Wade as announced that he will be retiring and has embraced all of the fan love, recognition and jersey exchanges. Dirk Nowitzki on the other hand hasn’t officially said he’s done but as Adam Silver said, if you […]

  Ami Brabson helps Angie Ange in the Morning Kick off Women’s History Month by joining as our Working Woman Wednesday feature! She is staring in a new one woman stage play showcasing some of the amazing woman in history. “Phenomenal Women” will entertain you but also make you think. Ami is an expereinced actor […]

Tony Lewis Jr. joins Angie Ange in the Morning to discuss the importance of “Day of Empathy”. He relates to those who have loved ones locked away. His father was imprisoned when he was 9 years old and he’s lived the past 30 years of his life with him away. He understands that some people […]

Rocky Parrish joined Angie Ange in the Morning to close out Black History Month by sharing his journey in getting his company to the global level it is at now. What started as a few pair of shoes is now a collection of over 100 styles. ROCKDEEP Global headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia and Rocky […]

Every Thursday we spotlight local artist and they showcase their talents at Society Lounge in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. This week we have ShaMain! Join us to see her perform live and watch her full interview linked above and below…

M Let’s Throw It back to the last episode of Diva Unfiltered where the ladies discuss some politics, keep it real on Lori Harvey and encourage single ladies to date multiple people… Listen and Watch to the full episode now!

Now people always say you should find one career and stick to it but Pinky Cole proves that breaking the rules can be amazing. She has worked as a TV Producer in LA, New York and Atlanta but has made a 4 million business as a Restaurant CEO. Pinky, who is an east Baltimore native, […]

This morning we and some of our listeners shared some of our crazy experiences riding with Uber or Lyft after hearing the story about a driver who ended up fighting another drive while a customer was in the car. Thankfully all the people involved are safe and that Uber driver is no longer employed by […]