Skin Care

These professionals are giving us the lowdown on how to get your melanin-rich skin spring ready!

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It's happening again. You found your new signature scent after a recommendation from a friend and after a few hours of wearing it, you start to get a headache and your skin starts to itch. "I don't understand," you think, "I bought one of the most expensive brands out there." Here's the thing, it's not what's in your wallet that is the problem, it's what is in the bottle. Have no fear. A sensitivity, or even an allergy to perfume does not mean you have to relinquish your fragrance fantasies.

Cardi B's skin looked flawless during her Grammys performance thanks to Urban Skin RX.

Things are looking up for the R&B duo, Chloe x Halle. With their new video and the vinyl release of their debut album “Ungodly Hour,” and Halle’s big-screen debut with Disney on the horizon, the sisters are definitely winning in 2021. And to top it off, they have announced their latest venture as the new […]

Pimple patches are one of the newest skincare inventions beauty gurus are jumping on. Our estheticians dishes on if pimple patches actually work or if they're nothing more than another trend to experiment with.

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