“Just being attached to the Cynthia Bailey brand. It was a real blessing," said the Chicago native.

“I saw myself more as a strategist, someone who had the ideas," said Campos.

“It literally just kind of snowballed and one thing led to the next."

The experience taught her to speak up. "“Just because you're paying my paycheck. It doesn't mean that like, I'm just going to sit here and do whatever you want. I'm still a human being," she said.

After being rejected from top agencies, Najeen Pierce's life changed during a trip to Topshop in SoHo.

The legacy retailer resolved to devote 15 percent of their shelf space to Black businesses.

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ photo features are so good, it'll feel like Jason Bolden is in the room styling you personally.

"We want fantasy, but guess what? Plus-size is fantasy to a lot of people," said Crosse.

She's in the game, no literally she is. EA SPORTS announced on Friday (Feb.26) that Jamaican- Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow will be the latest celebrity FIFA 21 players can use in VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Long before Hypebeast. Long before long queues in front of the Supreme store. oLong before stunting on the gram. Definitely way before it was seen in Vogue and on the runways in Milan, Paris and New York. Streetwear has always been a thing. And while the credit hasn’t always been paid to the Black creators, designers and stylists, Black people have always been a part of its past, present and the future. 

These women dared to be different and unapologetically Black. Because of their immeasurable talent and innumerable sacrifices in the face of extreme pushback, Hollywood slowly began opening its doors for more diverse stories.