“They saw potential in me and chose me to be on the scene.” 

Renee Bhagwandeen didn't have her parent's blessing to be a model but she wouldn't be deterred from her dream.

Name: Tyrah Majors IG: @tyrahmajors Agency: Seeking Representation Claim to Fame: Majors has been seen on Billboards for Coca-Cola.  Tyrah Majors has been booked and busy since her fifth birthday. The model turned broadcast journalist and children’s author started her career as a child model.  “I grew up in San Diego, so super close to […]

Aggy Abby is a social media influencer from East Newark, New Jersey that has recently made an appearance in Drake's newest music video

Thanks to a Twitter account boosting one of her fun-loving videos, we became aware of the Nigerian-American starlet and are honored to name her in the latest of our Baes and Baddies entries.

Actress Kerry Washington rocks her natural look on Town & Country Magazine, discusses social justice and latest documentary film

"Ultimately decided that I wanted to wear my natural hair because it's 100% me."

"That's not to say that everything was just handed to me and it was great and it was easy. It wasn't.” 

The first woman to be on the cover of Vogue proposes that every publication requires two Black professionals to be interviewed for influential positions.

The African American Princess Series, created by hairstylist LaChanda Gatson and CreativeSoul Photography, is a stunning celebration.