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Chef Bourdeaux is bringing his hometown to your kitchen with his New Orleans style gumbo recipe! 

Chef Bourdeaux is making meals that can be cooked inside the kitchen or outside on the grill, either way, it's made to perfection.

Invented in 2007, this high-proof riff on the classic brings together brandy, rye whiskey, brown sugar, and orange bitters.

Chef Bourdeaux is giving us breakfast for dinner with everybody's favorite brunch plate while adding a dash of New Orleans.

Now that Kamala Harris is out of the Presidential race and back at home, the California senator is using her time to show the human side and apparently come to the rescue of one of her fellow senators who’s seemingly slowly poisoning himself with mayonnaise. Recently Virginia Senator Mark Warner took to social media to […]

When quarantine food starts to look a little dry, ordering food is definitely the first option.  When you miss fast food, you just have to have it.  Since the coronavirus pandemic started, Uber's food delivery service has reported a 30 percent increase since March. Restaurants have rearranged their business models to make delivery services more available and efficient for those staying at home offering deals like family meals, free delivery charges, and contactless deliveries. 

Chef Kirk Boudreaux has the best ideas when thinking of ways to spice up your kitchen while in quarantine.   If you're looking for something new and have a lot of flavors, today's Jamaican curry oxtail stew is for you. Make sure you have your grocery list and time on your hands to cook up this dish for your family.

Saudia Shuler owner of Country Cookin’ has once again went viral all over the internet. Now, do not get me wrong we LOVE us some Country Cookin’ but do ya’ll really put eggs in your baked mac n cheese? Saudia does! Listen Live Ms. Queen of North Philly did a video showing her secrets on […]

A Cleveland mother mother, Constance Alexander, went viral Sunday evening for turning her son Apollo’s snacks and meals into art. TheShadeRoom says Alexander had to stop working due to Ohio’s stay at home order, but is using her time purposely to teach and bond with her son. Nice job, mom! Finally a break from all […]

UberEats is doing its part to provide safety during the coronavirus pandemic. The food service app has put various adjustments in place to protect customers, businesses, and workers in order to practice social distancing. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. Janelle Sallenave, the head of Uber Eats for the US and […]

Chick-Fil-A has stuck to their playbook since day one. They very rarely add any new items or change the menu unless the fans begin going elsewhere for items they can sure add. When they added Mac-n-cheese last year many were so shocked they didn’t believe it until they happened to see it on their in-store visits. […]