It seems as though Robin Thicke and his actress wife, Paula Patton.owe Uncle Sam about $500k in back taxes I’m hearing that it’s not like they just blew off the IRS…it’s more like they may have been unaware of the outstanding balance since the paperwork was mailed to a P.O. box but not their Santa […]

This is CRAZY!!!! And I can’t say I understand this one…ok so here’s the deal: According to these two: Back in the day when Diddy was up & coming Katrina Medina’s son was on stage with Diddy and supposedly Diddy said he was gonna help them out with the son’s “budding’ career (fyi he was […]

Ok this has officially gone toooo far. According to TMZ…there is a new strand of weed called: “OG Blue Ivy”  Here’s the link if you don’t believe me.

I’m not gonna lie to you…he isn’t my type (but he is Angie Ange’s type)…but this photo may actually change my mind

Consider the source…cuz Mediatakeout is claiming to have the first photos of Blue Ivy…but this little girl is not a newborn…what do you think?

Hulk Hogan has decided to shave off his signature mustache Tae Bo’s Billy Blanks…well 2 of his former employees are gonna do 33 months in the bing for laundering $1.1M from him..and they have to pay $1,119,000 in restitution. This Deion Sanders divorce just continues to get messy…looks like one of the is going to […]

Nicki Minaj is gonna have a busy next couple of weeks…not only is she gonna perform at the Super Bowl…she’s has just been added to the list of performers at the Grammy’s Halle Berry is claiming she’s not engaged…even though her boo did give her the ring…that she is rocking on her left finger Yesterday […]

DMV favorite Tabi Bonney gives track six off  he and Ski Beatz ’‘The Summer Years’ a visual.

Pilar is still pissed at Deion’s daughter Deiondra allegations made about her during Twitter rant last month claiming Pilar was a “gold digging h*e” who cheated on the NFL legend. According to TMZ,  Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman, told them  “It is extremely unfortunate that, in addition to the mental distress caused by the unexpected and […]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally issued the challenge the we’ve all been waiting for, demanding Manny Pacquiao fight him once and for all May 5th in Vegas. Floyd’s jail sentence was postponed to June so he could fight at the MGM Grand on May 5th, but so far, his opponent has yet to be determined. Boxing […]

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