Ariane Noelle Patterson’s turned 21, and was happy just to be alive. A student at Gardner-Webb University, the student took to her Twitter account on Jan. 17 and posted the message: “Thank you God for another year of life.” During a religion class, she collapsed and was rushed to nearby hospital where she later died. […]

The big controversy over a winning Mega Millions ticket continues in the Baltimore area. McDonald’s employee and mother of seven Mirlande Wilson says she bought the winning ticket in Baltimore County. She had gone into a pool of lottery tickets with her McDonald’s coworkers but says she bought those tickets at a separate time for […]

Your little siblings’ favorite emcee, Diggy Simmons, stopped by 99.1 KGGI in Riverside, California in promotion of his new album,Unexpected Arrival, and of course was asked the story behind the recently leaked track that features the rap legend’s son taking shots at J. Cole. His response: “No big story behind it. It was really just that my sister […]

A bonus track from the deluxe edition of Nicki Minja’s sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, due in stores tomorrow was leaked earlier today. The track is an interview with Minaj and radio personality Charlamagne Tha God. During their exchange, Nicki was asked what she would like to do outside of rap and if she felt she had a […]

Scott Henson was arrested two months ago for walking with his 5-yr old black granddaughter. Ty, the 5-yr old, father died so it was decided that Scott, along with his wife, to raise the infant as their own. Being stopped and questioned once, minutes later a swarm of Austin police surrounded Henson with taser guns […]

Enhanced video shows injuries to George Zimmerman’s head. But there are some things left unanswered about his injuries. With the video actually showing Zimmerman’s injuries, it makes his version of the story more consistent. If in fact there was an altercation, where are his bandages and stitches? Where are the medical records stating the injuries? […]

In an interview with The Guardian, Drake was asked about some of his more melancholic lyrics, including one on “We’ll Be Fine,” where he boasts of being “too alive” to ever contemplate such an action. However, the interviewer noted that for Drake to even bring up such a dark topic there had to be some point of reference. He […]

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks everyone knows that this past Mega Millions was a record setting $640 million bucks! Well some lucky person out there has won and the winning ticket was bought in Maryland! Lottery officials are saying the ticket was purchased at a retail store […]

Releasing a debut album after dropping successful singles like “Bring It Back,” “College Girl” and “Make It Rain” makes some wonder if we’ve already heard…