If you don't have Tik Tok in your phone by Sunday, you may never get a chance to download the popular app.

No, we didn't get to see the long-rumored iPhone 12, BUT Apple did have plenty of announcements when it comes to its wearable the Apple Watch, the iPad, and subscription services.

Our cellphones are probably one of the most important tools in our lives, so it's important that we know how to clean them properly.

After test launches in markets including Brazil, France, Germany and India, Instagram is rolling out Reels to selective users in the United States starting in Augusts 2020.

While Microsoft is working at breakneck speed to finalize a deal to purchase TikTok to keep it operating in the United States, some of music's biggest names are rallying to save the social media platform.

TikTok has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because of Donald Trump and his threat to ban it. A new story highlights another issue plaguing the Chinese-owned insanely-popular social media platform.

In a blog post, Microsoft further revealed that the two firms are looking at a deal that would see Microsoft purchase the TikTok service in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. 

The NBA is set to officially restart it on Thursday (Jul.30), and if you have been watching the tune-up games, it's a bit weird without fans. The league is looking to tackle that issue by partnering with Microsoft.

Elon Musk is always coming up with something new.  This time, it might have a lot of people scratching their heads a lot. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX among other companies is developing a way to stream music without headphones and devices through his startup called Neuralink. Basically, it would be though a brain […]

At this point music is a basic necessity for millions of people. So when one of the largest streaming platforms goes haywire it’s a big problem. On the morning of Friday, July 10 millions of smartphone users woke up to problems with Spotify that they were definitely not prepared for. When people clicked on the […]

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