Though this would be a first for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, having a woman be the hero in a video game is nothing new to us as we've had hella fun taking down zombies as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil or find hidden treasures as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. We're sure this will be just as fun and just as exciting.

Day one of CES's first-ever virtual showcase due to COVID-19  is in the books, and TCL and LG helped kicked the event off with some bold smartphone designs.

On the eve of Outgoing President Donald Trump’s Twitter account being permanently suspended, Parler has been dropped for good by the Google Play store on android phone services. All of this comes following the events on Jan. 6, where Trump called upon his followers at the ‘Save America Rally’ to “march to the U.S. Capitol” […]

Last week, we kicked off the Quarantine Awards with celebrities and influencers who won this inevitable lockdown. Aside from those who made a huge impact in quarantine, there are a number of businesses that racked in the money catering to the needs of its consumers.

Clubhouse is currently the wave right now, but it looks like Twitter might be coming to steal the social media apps thunder already.


The new UA Flow technology that Chef Curry will be rocking come next season took 1500 man hours of testing and utilized more than 100 athletes to perfect, so you know it's going to be a problem on the court. 

For only $99, I believe Google has the best midsize smart speaker out right now with the Nest Audio.

Fleets are Twitter's answer to Instagram and Snapchat's stories and allow users to post "disappearing tweets."

If you are not going home for the Thanksgiving holiday Zoom is stepping in to make sure you can still spend time with your family. 

If you have wished that Facebook would combine Messenger and Instagram DMs, then this news will sit well with you.