Kevin Samuels passed away a week after posting a controversial video and leaves social media in shambles. Also, It’s Ray J vs Kim Kardashian- Who do you believe? Plus, Lore’l undresses the details behind her viral interview with Kehlani for The Morning Hustle, from the crazy DMs to the backstory. Get all of the behind-the-scenes […]

Domestic violence against men has been trending all week! Eva and Lore'l break down Blac Chyna vs The Kardashians and Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard.  Plus, Kevin Samuels has Black women upset after he says unmarried women over 35 are leftovers. You know they weren't going to let him slide.

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Is all cheating created equal? There is emotional cheating and physical cheating. The ladies break down which one is the worst for them. Also, these ultimatum shows are popping up on all networks. Women are taking the reins on getting to the ring, but is this the best way to get a husband? Listen in for this and more.

Lore'l and Eva are back undressing rumors and the biggest trending topics of the week. We know A$AP Rocky didn't cheat on our girl Rihanna! Plus, Cardi B shares her beautiful family, while the ladies talk about their experiences with blended families. Coachella Weekend 1 looked lit and there were so many great moments to discuss. 

Lore'l gets undressed with special guest host Jasmine Sanders (@IamJasmineSanders) from The DL Hughley Show while Eva was out. Cam Newton is under fire for his sexist comments, while J. Lo and Ben Affleck got engaged...again. Would you circle back with an ex-boo? Plus, Solange and her son are trending and you'll never guess why!

The ladies are back with their thoughts on the updates of Will Smith vs The Academy. Are they still on different sides? Plus, Blac Chyna threw Twitter in a tizzy after her baby daddies clap back at her. And lastly, Eva and Lore'l talk about being with a Russell Wilson vs a Future and the podcast that stirred up controversy over this.

If you didn't watch the Oscars before, we know you caught the recap. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and the whole world is talking about it. Eva and Lore'l aren't agreeing on this one--- see who was on whose side.

  We have a special guest Dr. Uché Blackstock (@ucheblackstockmd) who wrote a viral article about walking away from her career and marriage. The ladies discuss her journey to putting herself first and being a Black woman in the medical field. Plus, Eva and Lore’l get into what exactly infidelity is and how long is […]

In this episode DJ Jo'Iyce, DJ 5'9 & DJ Schemes sit down with beautiful, sexy and single bartender and bottle girl as they tell us interesting stories about guys constantly hitting on them, the truth about serving celebrities plus more!

The Undressing Room welcomes Master P as he talks about his upcoming episode of TvOne's Uncensored airing this Sunday. He gets real with us and discusses entrepreneurship, HBCU's and more. The duo also undresses the hottest topics of the week.

In this episode DJ Jo'Iyce, DJ Schems and DJ 5'9 sit down with Kirt Floyd (Night life 101) and talk about how he got started, the truth about the promotion business and secrets of making club deals plus more!

We have a special guest at The Undressing Room. Queen Naija joins us to give us details about her latest single and she also chimes in on the biggest viral stories of the week. Find out about a support group for men whose wives abandoned them and more relationship violations that the ladies undress.