So we got a first look at Robert Griffin III in action as a Redskin via a “Madden 13” demo at the mother of all video game expos E3. EA Sports featured the first two picks of this year’s draft #2 pick RGIII and Colts #1 pick Andrew Luck going head-to-head. There’s no telling how much the […]


Attention hoop fans for the third time in four years Bron Bron will win the 2012 NBA MVP. LeBron joins seven other players to win the MVP at least three times but he’s the only one who hasn’t won a championship. The question still remains will the Miami Heat get it done this season. My money is […]

NFL legend Junior Seau was found dead in his home in Oceanside, CA … and a law enforcement source at the scene tells us cops believe he shot himself. Seau was 43-years-old … and leaves behind 3 kids and an ex-wife. Read More Recent Posts… A “Basketball Wives” Movie Is Coming? Did You See The […]

The shorten NBA season is now over and there were two questions answered yesterday. Yes, the playoffs are going to be real entertaining and the Wizards still stink! What a start to the NBA postseason from the embarrassing destruction Bron Bron and the Heat gave to Melo and the Knicks, to Durant’s amazing last second […]

Former NFL player and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp filed for Chapter 7 and not a chapter in his forthcoming book but we are talking bankruptcy! According to the AP he owes $6.7 million dollars, we are sure he wished he won the Mega Millions last week! Sapp filed in Florida where he resides. […]

Tiger, Tiger Woods y’all is not performing up to “par” on the golf course at this weekend’s Masters Tournament. Woods has had 3 horrible rounds starting on Thursday thru Saturday and is all but out of contention of winning the thing on Sunday. Tiger let his bad play get the best of him on Friday […]

It’s Christmas in DC in March! Reports are citing that the Deadskins are actively pursuing Peyton Manning like a fat kid does cake, but they also have traded up to the #2 spot in next months NFL Draft! Reports are that Skins will use the #2 spot the was intended for the St. Louis Rams […]

Asian American Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA and the media by storm. He is setting records at a rapid pace. Perhaps the most surprising record is that he scored more points in his first 6 games as a starter than anyone has ever done. More than Jordan, Lebron,or Kobe. To top it all off […]

Which NLF Players Should Not Wear A Helmet?

Let’s see 2012 has not been so flattering to the Washington Wizards as of yet! They are the only team in the NBA who hasn’t won a game in this shorten season. The DMV is hungry for a team that will compete for championships but at this rate the Wizards can’t even compete for a […]