Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer are co-founders of The PR Alliance, an award-winning public relations agency for millennial entertainment and lifestyle brands. They join The Morning Hustle to bring awareness to the booming high success of women-owned businesses right now! They reached out to the show to share their path to where they are now […]

Jennifer Folkenroth, the National Tobacco Director for the American Lung Association joined The Morning Hustle crew in a conversation about the new laws in Detroit banning flavored tobacco. Jennifer gave the facts from the American Lung Association on the real effects these e-cigarettes, JUUL pods and other forms of vaping are having on us and […]

Every Wednesday is a special day on The Morning Hustle where we salute a special woman making moves! This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Rapsody to the show. On Air Jordan spoke with her about her new album ‘Eve’ and all of the buzz around it. She shares that she will always stay […]

We all get our news from a number of sources but there are only a few that are the go-to sites and The Jasmine Brand is definitely that! Jasmine Brand is the creator of The Jasmine Brand and now co-owns the company. She shares with Lore’l and Angie Ange how leaving her 9-5 turned into […]