Antonio Brown’s name has been in the headlines for a lot of different reasons lately. Ditching practice, leaving teams and now he has been accused of rape! You always want to and should believe the victim. At the same time, there are so many things to take into consideration like; timing, money or just personal […]

Lore’l had the pleasure of speaking with TJ Jackson who is Michael Jackson’s nephew and a member of the singing group 3T. He spoke to Lore’l about his new music and how things have changed since their group first started years ago. He even shared some of his groupie stories!   Lore’l also spoke to […]

Boris Kodjoe is not only famous for his solo career and amazing but his family has a big part in his success.  Kodjoe and his wife, Nicole Ari Parker along with other family have come together to develop an app to help any and everybody get their mind, body, and soul right, in just 5 […]

It’s CBC weekend here in Washington D.C. where many important people with the power to make change come together to do just that! Angie Ange was joined by Ayanna Pressley and Dr. Monique W. Morris as they prepared to speak on a panel discussing the new documentary, ‘Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools’. […]

Christina Milan admitted in a recent interview that she snuck through Nick Cannons phone back when they were dating so Angie and Lore’l got to thinking. They wanted to ask for a friend, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done to catch someone cheating? Our callers had some wild stories…  

The Morning Hustle Crew had too much with Blac Youngsta for Twerk Sumn Tuesday and Working Women Wednesday! He joined Angie Ange and Lore’l to talk about his new album, Church on Sundays, which will be released soon and him becoming an ordained minister. Yup, that’s right, Blac Youngsta is available to officiate weddings! Lore’l […]

We all get our news from a number of sources but there are only a few that are the go-to sites and The Jasmine Brand is definitely that! Jasmine Brand is the creator of The Jasmine Brand and now co-owns the company. She shares with Lore’l and Angie Ange how leaving her 9-5 turned into […]

This Morning’s Asking For A Friend came from a news story Angie found and she wanted to know if this bank scam has happened to anyone else. Lore’l shared a story of how she was scammed by someone years ago and has made sure that never happens again. Some of our listeners called in to […]

The cast of OWN’s reality show Love & Marriage joined Lore’l and Angie Ange to discuss their new season which premiered on Saturday. Lore’l was able to get into their business as they shared their three different journeys through love and marriage. Angie makes the point that because each of their situations are so different, […]

Over the weekend there was a lot of talk about Antonio Brown and it just so happens that Lore’l is a die-hard Raiders fan so this story hit close to her. With all of the drama surrounding how he left The Raiders and is now playing for The New England Patriots, everyone has looked at […]

This week’s “who’s cappin” is a double cap! Lore’l couldn’t just give it to one so Nicki Minaj and Sam Zherka get to share the honor. Nicki Minaj made an announcement on Twitter that she is retiring from the rap game but Lore’l doesn’t believe it and wants rappers to just say they’re going on […]

Games are always fun to play. Some people like challenging games that stimulate the mind and others just want to win! Every morning On Air Jordan plays a game called Gimme 5! with our listeners and the rules are simple; name 5 things in 10 secs without saying umm or huh or uh or anything like […]