The Morning Hustle

This Sunday the hit show Power returns on Starz. Lore’l was able to catch up with Rotimi aka Dre about the new season. Lore’l and Rotimi have known each other since high school so they were also able to catch up on his romance life, singing career and more! See their full conversation below…  

Did you know that it takes Black Women 20 months to make the same amount of money white men make in a year?! Today marks the day that Black Women finally make the same amount! Angie makes a point to everyone to support not only a Black Owned Business but a women’s black owned business […]

Maya Milan and Tia P. are this week’s Working Women Wednesday features. Both ladies are contestants on BET’s new show “Next Big Thing” and both have connections to the DMV. Tia P is a graduate of Howard University and Angie Ange has known Maya Milan since she was in high school towards the beginning of […]

We’ve all known of someone who had big dreams of becoming something but the only problem is that they suck at it! Like they are trash and completely terrible but no one has told them that it’s time to give this up. Now imagine this person is your significant other or someone you love. How […]

Diabetes is usually categorized as one thing but did you know there are three types of Diabetes? Type 2 Diabetes is the one that is very prevalent within the Black Community. Michelle Harris, the Corporate Development Officer, and Titi Ogunmakinwa, the Executive Director, joined Jordan to talk the 2019 Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes. […]

At 8:30am we like to throw a question out there in a segment we call, Asking For A Friend. Angie Ange came across an article saying, Federal energy program suggests keeping the thermostat set at 78 degrees and 82 while you sleep. Angie and Lore’l thought this was reasonable but Jordan said that’s crazy! He […]

After Jordan’s report during Angie’s HOT Topic on Monica’s recent interview about her marriage, Jordan and Lore’l started talking. They were discussing marriage and wondering what really is the perfect age to get married? Is there a perfect time or the best time to tie the knot? Our listeners had mixed feelings on this topic?  

There are so many reasons that Lore’l could give to back up her “who’s cappin'” for today on R. Kelly but she decided to just pull from some of the recent ones. SMH. R. Kelly you did what you did so face the music and the time! See more with Lore’l…  

  During a session of Jordan’s game “Gimme 5!” a debate broke out between him and Lore’l. Basically, the argument stemmed from a common question, “Where Are You From?” When asked this question it can be answered in different ways. Does this mean where you born or where you were raised? The debate continued throughout […]

There has been a lot of discussion since the announcement of Jay-Z and Roc Nation’s partnership with the NFL’s new Entertainment and social justice initiatives. Some people are proud of him and looking forward to what may come from this. But what about Colin Kaepernick? Should Jay-Z have spoken with him beforehand?       […]

Angie Ange had a chance to sit down with the women behind The Furlough Cheesecake phenomenon! Nikki Howard and Jaqi Wright were put in a tough situation, like many Americans especially in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, during the longest government shutdown at the end of 2018 into January of 2019. They shared their […]

Each and every week Jordan brings a new head wrap freestyle to the airways. Here is another addition with photos and videos submitted by our listeners!