The Morning Hustle

Amin Joseph, Damson Idris and Angela Lewis aka Jerome, Franklin and Aunt Louie from the FX hit show Snowfall joined Lore’l before the premiere for season 3! With the recent and unexpected passing of John Singleton, the creator of Snowfall and so many other legendary projects, the cast reflects on the times they had with […]

Charmaine has returned for the new season of The Black Ink Crew Chicago but things are a little different this time around. Ryan has had it with the original 9MAG “Family” and he has decided to make a ‘New 9MAG’ with new staff, rules and standards. This has left the ‘Old 9MAG’ crew feeling some […]

Monday night was the 3rd annual NBA Awards on TNT were held. In past years the entire Inside the NBA crew; Ernie, Shaq, Kenny, and Chuck hosted the Awards but this year Shaq took it on solo. Of course, there were still appearances by the crew laughing and cracking jokes as usual.   Coming off […]

Nicki Minaj held a Megatron (the name of her newest single) Q&A with some of her fans yesterday. Questions like; “What inspired you to name the song Megatron?” “When did you shoot the video?” And “Did you touch Chyna coochieron during #QueenRadio?” were asked but of course since her boo Kenny was starred in the […]

Unfortunately there have been a lot of mysterious deaths in the DR. Happy couples on vacation for their honeymoons and dying in their sleep. This is scary because we didn’t know why but they may have found the source…

We are still on a high from all of the fun that happened Sunday Night at the BET Awards and the positive showcase of DC to the big stage in Los Angeles but unfortunately things weren’t so sweet over here. A video has gone viral of a man getting tased. He was simply standing up […]

This year’s BET Award is said to have been one of the best in a long time! It was so nice to see a DC native host, Regina Hall and see DC Culture shown throughout the entire show! From doing the butt to bucket beats to memories of how the White House used to be. […]

If you’re in the DMV then you’ve heard of Moechella, which is combo of the commonly used word in DC “Moe” and the music festival Coachella. Moechella’s founder Yaddiya of Long Live GoGo wanted a way to bring music of the city together with activism and so far each of the events have been very […]

Every Friday Lore’l will bring attention to whoever is trying to lie, front or bullsh*t us! She is calling them out in a new segment called Who’s Cappin. This week it goes to Khloe Kardasian and Kylie Kardashian. The episode that shows the Jordan & Tristian betrayal aired but Lore’l has a few words for […]

Thursday Night the NBA held their draft for the 2019-2020 season. This years class ranged in talent, universities and countries. Everyone knew Zion Williamson was going to be picked #1 but some were a little shocked that he broke down after it all became official.   That moment was very sweet and like he said […]

Lore’l had a fun show last night on Lip Service Live with their special guest, Trina. Along with sharing sex stories, Trina is also promoting her album and gave Lore’l a listen to one of her songs that airs out some of her exes [watch video]. Also what is your perspective on LaVar Ball comment […]