If you’re in the DMV then you’ve heard of Moechella, which is combo of the commonly used word in DC “Moe” and the music festival Coachella. Moechella’s founder Yaddiya of Long Live GoGo wanted a way to bring music of the city together with activism and so far each of the events have been very […]

Every Friday Lore’l will bring attention to whoever is trying to lie, front or bullsh*t us! She is calling them out in a new segment called Who’s Cappin. This week it goes to Khloe Kardasian and Kylie Kardashian. The episode that shows the Jordan & Tristian betrayal aired but Lore’l has a few words for […]

Thursday Night the NBA held their draft for the 2019-2020 season. This years class ranged in talent, universities and countries. Everyone knew Zion Williamson was going to be picked #1 but some were a little shocked that he broke down after it all became official.   That moment was very sweet and like he said […]

Lore’l had a fun show last night on Lip Service Live with their special guest, Trina. Along with sharing sex stories, Trina is also promoting her album and gave Lore’l a listen to one of her songs that airs out some of her exes [watch video]. Also what is your perspective on LaVar Ball comment […]

  At a youth baseball game in lakewood parents got into a brawl over a miss call by the 7 year old umpire. A parent in the crowd basically said hell nah and started throwing ‘bows! [see video]   Angie asked our listeners if they have been to a children’s game and a fight broke […]

Whoopi was trending this morning so we had to investigate. It looks like Model Bella Thorne is accusing Whoopi of putting the blame on her for getting her photos hacked and shamming her for taking nude photos. She says Whoopi’s opinion (that she expressed at her job The View) was sick and disrespectful. Here are […]

Today Lore’l gave us the The Lo’ Down on what Bill Cosby has been up to while in jail. He is teaching and giving parenting tips… [watch video] Also Shaq adds another title to his resume and is Trump apologizing for Central Park 5?

Roshon, Lloyd & Russ Parr Join The Morning Hustle to talk The Bobby DeBarge Story. Russ shares why he chose Bobby DeBarge and Lloyd describe his experience acting in his first role. Roshon and Russ Parr give their honest evaluation of his acting skills and more! Lore’l also spent some extra time with Roshon and […]

If you ask Angie Ange who her favorite artists are, the list is very exclusive. Missy Elliott is definitely at the top. Angie shared that Missy’s classic hit Ladies Night Out is  where she got her slogan “it must be Angie on the mic”. Angie also remembers remembers buying her cassettes so seeing her honored […]

  Lore’l breaks down all the news in entertainment from over this weekend. OJ Simpson joined Twitter and had this message for his followers… Also over the weekend Drake had a party celebrating the Champions, the Raptors, with an array of people in attendance. Celebrity blogger Jason Lee was kicked out by Tristan Thompson but […]

DMV Native Ari Lennox may not be a new name here but since her debut album “Shea Butter Baby” dropped, her name has become familiar to a lot more people worldwide. On Air Jordan sat down with Ari to catch us up on how life has been since her project was released. “The biggest change […]