Taraji P. Henson was in DC over the weekend to take a stand on something extremely important to her. Mental Health. In her opening statement Taraji shares that she grew up with trauma after her father was killed and her son’s father was killed. She realized that that trauma put her in a depression and […]

Over the weekend we were notified that David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic. He is now back in Boston and more details have come out, including why and who shot him. Lore’l breaks it down…

Monkeys… New Black Royalty… and He’s a Bad Mother Shut Yo Mouth! The Morning show crew may have the weekends off but that doesn’t mean the fun ends! Lore’l has been out for a few days and spending time in the DR for her mother’s birthday!   Meanwhile Angie Ange was crowned The “Blaxpert” of […]

Angie and On Air Jordan are holding it down for Lore’l while she is on vacation. Unfortunately we’re starting off this week with some unfortunate deaths from over the weekend. These are men who didn’t deserve to lose their lives especially in their hometowns. Again, guns and killing isn’t and can’t be the answer! SMH

Ava DuVernay’s new project with Netflix “When They See Us” has a lot of people left with mixed emotions. Overall everyone has said it’s a must see series but just extremely hard to get through. “you will have a roller coaster of emotions but at the end you will be crying tears of joy…” one […]

THAT’S MY BABY! We have so many talented and intelligent young people in the DMV! That means there are a lot proud parents out there. Jordan put aside some time on the show for those parents to call in and shoutout them out! Listening to these mothers shoutout and show off the accomplishments of their […]

While Lore’l is out of town Angie and Jordan are keeping you up to date with what’s happening in news and entertainment. Today they reported on Leslie Jones’ experience with Sephora being racist again & the police phone call from Jussie Smollett’s attack was released. We’d also like to say Thank God the NBA Finals […]

Jordan may be back with a different name but he’s still playing those same games! You can now win tickets from him in “Gimme 5!” every morning! He also brought back a classic, “The Headwrap Song!” We are even getting crowd participation from our listeners as well. Jordan wants to make sure no woman feels […]

Lore’l gives  us a report on everything going on in news and entertainment.  

Every Wednesday our White House Correspondent Geoff Bennett calls in and gives us an update on everything going on in politics. Eventhough the NRA headquarters is located in Virginia, gun laws are being revised in the state. Also as we know President Trump is in London but Angie wanted to know if he has been […]

The DMV is kicking off Black Music Month making history… “Simply put, Music Matters in the District of Columbia.” a statement we can all agree on, written by Mayor Bowser on the release of their “DC Music Census”. Angie Ange shares this with the DMV as they are collecting information from creatives in the area […]

Lore’l gives the low down on Jay-Z’s major accomplishment and clears up the comparison to Dr. Dre as well as why “It’s Above Me” should be the cultures new favorite saying. Also stay alert on the roads, Young Thug’s 7 year old daughter may come speeding past…