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By Jassosocial Thank God for Bestie, Melissa Ford. If it weren’t for her we would be missing all of RIRI’s shenanigans. After leaving the Instagram community , Robin RIRI Fenty left us to hawk her twit pics and twit vids just hoping to get a taste of Instagram Ri. Currently, our Barbadian Princess is on […]

By Jassosocial Imagine you are at a concert ,live energy , the power of music has taken over and you’re experiencing and overall great time. Right when things move from 0-100 your fave artist collapse secs after signing an autograph… Crazy image? TMZ reports Cudi was performing at the North Coast Music Festival and the […]

By: Jassosocial In case you missed it we have the full Beyonce performance before humbly accepting her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award presented by hubby Jay Z! Enjoy . Follow me on twitter@AngieAnge and check me out at my new time 3p-7p. It must be Angie on the micccccccccc

(Photos provided by Beylite) Jassosocial After performing an incredible set at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Bey and Jay head to Day 2 of Made In America Festival . Divorce rumors began circulating due to the couples leaked elevator mishap however, entertainments first family def killed rumors with these photos take a look What […]

By:Jassosocial Brooklyn MC Talib Kweli had a lot to say when it came to the interview with CNNs correspondent Don Lemon. Talib Kweli challenges an article on CNN website “NO! THEY CHASED YOUNG MEN,WOMEN,AND CHILDREN. I WAS THERE” Argued the “raptavist” as Lemon would infer. The two get into a heated argument due to Lennons’ […]

By Jassosocial Fed up with recent Ferguson updates , Bad Boy Diddy decides to take to Instagram using the hashtag #DearObama to get President Obama to make a trip to Ferguson. “A YO OBAMA THIS IS SERIOUS! GET ON A PLANE! THESE IS YOUR PEOPLE BABY, THESE IS YOUR PEOPLES” he says. Hmm.. Do you […]

Our darling Nicki crashes social media YET AGAIN , this time by video. After recieving negative backlash for the songs cover art I can only imagine the comments she will receive about the video. The images are nothing compared to the flirtatious twerk scenes. Nicki makes it evident that it’s all about anaconda and big […]

By JASSOSOCIAL The Drake Vs Lil Wayne tour made a pit stop in NY. The two couldn’t end the tour without going out with a bang excuse me I mean splash! Surprisingly Drake nominates Beyonce. Take a look: Lil Wayne clearly wants no part in challenging our Baddie Bey Follow me on twitter @AngieAnge and […]

By Jassosocial Sending a Super congrats and happy Anniversary to one of the cutest and wildest couples WIZand AMBER. They’re celebrating their one year Anniversary. AMBER took to Instagram saying this: Let us take a moment of silence to remember Ambers Epic Bridal Twerk http://instagram.com/p/dJMzXukqx_/ Follow me on twitter @AngieAnge and check me out at […]

By:Jassosocial “All we wanna do is the break the chains off all we wanna do is BE FREE” Born sinner J.COLE released BE FREE. A tribute to Mike Brown and past deaths of African American men. Cole, apparently fed up with ongoing bad news took to twitter to express his anger with recent reports. In […]

By:JASSOSOCIAL We’ve seen the fire challenge, the ridiculous cinnamon challenge, even the hot pepper challenge, those challenges were pointless and did nothing but physical and for some mental (flashbacks) damages to the body. What about a challenge for a cause? ALS challenges you to fight ALS by becoming apart of the “Ice bucket challenge” the […]

By JASSOSOCIAL Finally, New flame gives us visuals as BREEZY dances on water while surrounded by gorgeous women. Of course BEATS BY DRE had to make an opening cameo. It’s everything we want to see from BREEZY and USHER dancing , smiling, charm and their amazing chemistry. When it comes to BOSS RICK ROSS he’s […]