Ok man, you have to know chill Tarantino! You MUST GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR CHILL BUDDY!  I’m just playing… but he did ruffle some black feathers again at the Golden Globes… Peep heem!   Apparently there is a cold war brewing between these two heavyweight directors, Tarantino & Spike Lee — Tarantino was trying a little […]

Possibly fathering another child, Shawty Lo won’t need a village to raise his children because they can all raise each other! When I heard this news, I seriously couldn’t believe it.  But then again…I couldn’t put it past him either. Allegedly, rapper Shawty Lo’s ex girl, underground rapper Jai Jai, has said that she is […]

  Being only 14 days into the 2013 year, Chicago has made news headlines daily.  The headlines however aren’t regarding the second term of it’s former Senator, but more so highlighting the violence. Last year there were 506 murders within the city.  In this short time in the new year, there are already a reported […]

January is starting to seem like new music month. So January is not actually new music month, but it is however National Mentoring Month.  Beginning in the year of 2002, January has been the month to promote youth mentoring.  President Barack Obama appeared in the 2009 campaign ad.  Along with campaigns, are fundraisers, dinner, and […]

This past weekend Hot 107.9‘s own “Digital Diva” Arielle Donce’ had the pleasure of covering the 2013 BET Honors Awards Red Carpet  at the Warner…

    Thursday Jan 17 ———————— •”All Gold Everything party” •Hosted Trinidad James & One Way Boobe doing his hit “White Wishes” •Doors open at 9p •For Tables 202.746.1736 •For info go to Lovetheclub.com •Twitter @LoveNightclubdc       Friday January 18 ————————- •Fantasy Fridays •Hosted by Meeks Mills •If your Young & Gettin it come party […]

I guess all of the questionable pictures of A$AP Rocky’s attire and the suspect picture of Rocky in very close perimeters of a man’s face, have finally been answered. Video have hit online of Rocky allegedly admitting to being gay and how you should be proud of who you are. **Warning: Video contains explicit language** […]

  ‘Happy Birthday LL’   If you missed today’s World Famous Lunch Break Mix with DJ Gemini & Coka-Lani or just need another serving… We Got You! Click Here For Today’s Mix! 

[Courtesy of Bossip] RihRih is showing once and for all she is the baddest B’  in the game with not 1, 2 or 3 but…

  Instead of “makin’ love in the club”, several gossip sites are reporting that Chris Brown and Rihanna may have been doing drugs in the club!   via Celebs Chris Brown and Rihanna have been taking their love all over the world in recent months but the loved up duo may be indulging in other things […]

The group Destiny’s Child (DC) has come out of retirement - or maybe Beyonce has decided she is ready to sing with Kelly and Michelle again. Whatever…