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Ayyyejae aka AJ

Source: @Ayyyejae / Instagram

It isn’t a secret that NBA players often enjoy the, ahem, services of women who supply them with physical attention and relief. However, Ayyyejae, a rising star on Instagram, might just be the real Glizzy Gladiator after saying she took care of several members of an NBA team earlier this year.

Ayyyejae, or AJ, was a recent guest on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast alongside the loose-lipped Celina Powell and most certainly covered a gamut of enthralling topics. However, thanks to the editing work of Twitter user @WashedMel, the topic of AJ throating almost half an NBA squad after getting walked in on mid-coitus during Memorial Day Weekend has picked up steam.

While the mystery team in question isn’t known, although there are rumblings it was the Phoenix Suns, what was especially shocking was the casual way AJ explained checking the microphones of around seven players with Powell cheering her on. It goes without saying that AJ shared that this was a consensual act and that she truly seemed to enjoy herself despite the extra hands on deck.

Adam22, always ready with the important questions, asked if AJ had any issues after taking down the team members. She said nothing of the sort took place after the acts and simply said it was “lit” several times with Powell beaming with a measurable amount of pride.

While it isn’t known where this act took place, hopefully, the players realize that they need to move carefully out here, especially in these crazy coronavirus times.

Check out the clip in question below. We do warn that the language within is racy and details explicit sex acts so proceed cautiously. Keep scrolling to check out photos of AJ aka The Greek Freak.

Photo: Instagram

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