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Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 3

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Azealia Banks continues to astound, for all the wrong reason. The rapper known more for her online shenanigans than for her actually good music reportedly dug up her dead cat and proceeded to cook it and make soup, allegedly.

Yes, she documented her macabre actions on social media. No, we have no idea who to call to have someone take her phone or to cut off her wi-fi. But we really, really hope this was an elaborate troll.

If not, you can bet the ASPCA may be paying her a visit. Some theories as to why she proceeded with the horror movie-worthy antics is that she is putting a hex on her alleged nemesis Doja Cat.

Twitter is having a field day with the memes and the typical slander that manifests when Azealia Banks does anything off-color, which is often.

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