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Last night (June 10), David Ortiz aka Big Papi was shot in his native Dominican Republic. Every since news of the shooting broke, the news has been trickling in, and getting more outrageous.

Thankfully, Ortiz is reportedly in stable condition. But as details continue to come in, the circumstances that lead to the shooting are taking a strange turn.

Peep what we know so far below.


A Good Man, Dirty Cops & A Drug Lord?: What We Know About The David Ortiz Shooting #BigPapi  was originally published on

1. Back home…

Ortiz was back in home in his native Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2. Home invasion?

Initial reports said Ortiz was shot during a burglary attempt. But cops say he was at a club/bar in East Santo Domingo.

3. The man who shot Ortiz…

The shooter was detained and proceeded to get stomped out for his audacity.

4. A Good Man…

Before going into surgery, Ortiz pleaded with the doc to take care of him.

5. Reportedly, Ortiz suffered damage to his liver, gall bladder and his colon…

6. Boston Red Sox

Ortiz’s old team, the Boston Red Sox, will be flying Ortiz to Boston to continue his treatment and recovery.

7. Plot twist…

Plot twist... Source:Getty

The Daily Mail is reporting Ortiz was shot by hired gunman, and go further to say they were a pair of cops hired by a local drug dealer. Bruh…

8. Bruh 2X

Allegedly, the drug lord was upset because Ortiz slept with his wife. Yeah, that’ll do it.