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Doja Cat Slams Toxic Nicki Minaj Fans, The Barbz Tried To Cancel Her

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Amid a global pandemic, stans are still gonna be stans showcasing their toxic online behavior. Doja Cat is not here for any of it and called out some Barbz, and they tried to cancel her.

When you opened up your Twitter app this morning, you probably noticed the #DojaCatIsOverParty was trending and probably wondered what in the world did the curvy “Juicy” rapper said to draw such ire on social media. Well, apparently, she set off some Barbz after she posted a comment calling them out on their well documented toxic online behavior.

The online snafu stems from a tweet she retweeted sharing a fan-made drawing of a Rolling Stone cover featuring herself, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion with the caption “fire.”

A tweet from Twitter user @OTeeJay_ caught the attention of  Minaj’s insanely loyal fanbase when he suggested that Doja should be in the middle instead of Nicki. When he was asked why he felt that way? He simply responded, “cuz she’s my fav out of the 3.” The Hot Pink crafter noticed his reply and accurately called out the Barbz harassing him stating:

“Stop responding to them they’re twitter gangsters and they have nothing kind to say about you or anyone. they live and breathe being fuckin immature.”

She followed that up with another response to another Twitter user’s stating:

“I don’t have to say shit to a bunch of children because I was too busy making dank fuckin memes all day.”

But it was too late, and the Barbz were already triggered and started the #DojaCatIsOverParty. Still, if you clicked on it, you notice that fans are coming to the defense of the rapper born Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini.

Welp, you can peep all of the replies to the ridiculous trending topic in the gallery below.

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty

Nicki Minaj Fans Try To Cancel Doja Cat With #DojaCatIsOverParty, Fail Miserably  was originally published on hiphopwired.com