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The podcast business is a booming one and almost anyone with a microphone, tripod, and Internet connection can begin the building blocks of their talk space empire. However, the game has its fair share of bozos with awful opinions, especially as it pertains to Black women, and one such show blasted high-earning women by calling them “less attractive” for pursuing financial and professional ascension.

Without dignifying the moment too much, the hosts of the Hardly Initiated podcast, Tysean Jackson and Ryan Catchings, invited to their Atlanta, Ga. studios finance guru Phillip Karaya to initially discuss business and finance for their audience. In the one sequence that has everyone talking, Catchings states without flinching that women who elevated themselves in their careers and want to welcome a relationship with a man to their mix are “less attractive.”

Check out the clip below if you must.

It appears that Catchings and Karaya believe that a woman with that level of earning power is no longer seeing her man as someone to serve but someone to dominate, thus making it harder for him to lead his household. If it sounds like a familiar trope among Black podcasters, it’s because it is.

What the Hardly Initiated spot gets wrong is that there’s nothing wrong with a Black woman wanting to support herself financially and in fairness, there’s space for the school of thoughts Catchings and Karaya find themselves promoting. However, equating a woman’s attractiveness to her level of ambition is crazy. No two ways about it.

Twitter has been lighting these boys up. We’ve got the reactions listed out below.

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