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Internet Explorer Put of Misery By Microsoft, Twitter Says Their Goodbyes

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Internet Explorer, you know, the web browser nobody uses, has finally been put to bed by Microsoft.

RIP Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced it would no longer support Internet Explorer after nearly 27 years, deciding to retire the web browser. Those who have still been loyally using IE will now be instructed to use Microsoft Edge, the other browser a lot of people don’t care for.

Microsoft began the transition away from IE in 2015 with the rollout of Windows 10. The news of Microsoft’s OG web browser’s impending death won’t affect regular web users.

The Verge reports that “usage of Internet Explorer plummeted in recent years” and that IE accounts for less than half a percent of the overall browser market share, according to StatCounter.

Microsoft has been trying for a while now to ween people off of IE, even going as far as to label it a “compatibility solution” rather than a tool that companies should still be actively using. But, there are still some companies being stubborn about the transition.

Per The Verge:

Some businesses will still be caught by surprise by the retirement of Internet Explorer or won’t have been able to fully remove its use in time. Nikkei reported this week that some government agencies and financial institutions in Japan have been slow to respond to the IE retirement. The website for Japan Pension Service must still be viewed in Edge’s IE mode, for example.

With the announcement of Internet Explorer being put out of its misery, Twitter has decided to say its final goodbyes to the web browser.

Twitter Bids Adeu

Today marks the official end of Microsoft’s support for Internet Explorer. RIP to the #1 Chrome installer of all time,” Tech reviewer/influencer Marques Brownlee tweeted. 

Salute to IE. It’s been a long 27 years. You helped many browse the web in search of all kinds of things.

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Photo: SOPA Images / Getty

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