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Whether you like it or not, the romantic relationship between rappers Blueface and Chrisean Rock is all that anyone can talk about at the moment. From multiple leaked sex tapes and constant cheating allegations from both sides, to the more serious issue of routine domestic violence, it goes without saying that the word “toxic” is an understatement when it comes to these two.

Unfortunately for those tired of the disastrous duo, you’ll soon be seeing them at the forefront of their own reality series on Zeus Network under the title Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love.



While we’ll never be the ones to stop anyone from our culture from getting a check, we’ll always be the ones to call out disturbing behavior and poor representation of the Black community. In short, both Blueface, 25, and Chrisean, 22, exhibit extreme levels of negativity in their own separate ways that become even more detrimental when brought together. It was barely a week ago that he was seen in bed kissing a completely different woman, which prompted Chrisean to declare herself single before proceeding to leak a series of videos depicting them in graphic sex acts.

Although Zeus has a strong following, many people are tired of seeing the dysfunction between these two play out on social media and are not looking forward to them taking over TV screens as well.


If entertaining reality television is what the people want, we can think of five completely different stars and show concepts that would make for much better must-see TV than a toxic couple fighting, fussing and fu— well, you get the drift!

Keep scrolling to check out 5 reality TV show ideas that would make for better viewing pleasure than watching Chrisean Rock & Blueface attempt to kill each other in front of cameras for the world to see:



5 Reality Shows We’d Like To See Other Than Chrisean Rock & Blueface  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

1. ‘Finding Family,’ starring Angie Martinez

The veteran radio personality’s recent journey in finding her biological father, who she believed to be dead since the age of 10, feels very unfinished. A series where both parties are able to come together and break their generational trauma would be heartwarming to say the least.

2. ‘Makings Of a Mogul,’ starring 50 Cent

50 Cent is a man of many aka’s — rapper, actor, television producer, libation expert and even comedian are just some of his talents. Watching how he makes it happen day-to-day would be epic. 

3. ‘Cross-Country Corn Tour,’ starring Tariq aka “The Corn Kid”

Who doesn’t love this kid?! Tariq’s infectious energy and relatable love for corn would make for a perfect Food Network series where he travels state-to-state trying various renditions of the cereal grain. We can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.

4. ‘The Aftermath,’ starring Will Smith

Hate him or love him, everyone wants to know what the “Best Actor” winner is thinking following The Slap™ delivered to Chris Rock earlier this year at the Oscars. The world’s waiting, Will! 

5. ‘Road To The Super Bowl,’ starring Rihanna

We’ve already started thinking of potential guest performers for her highly-anticipated Super Bowl LVII Halftime Performance, but a full series where we get to see inside the stage set-ups, rehearsals, song selection and final show would make it even more of a iconic moment than what it’s shaping up to be.