Jay’s album has been the center of conversation for the past two weeks since it’s release as fans world wide either hate it or love it. Yesterday was the official day that Jay- Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail ranked in at number 1 on the charts, selling nearly 600k copies (without the 1mil copies sold […]

I Know, you’re still putting on that Suit and Tie every now and then, the outfit that just keeps on giving. Justin Timberlake burned up the airwaves and every major media outlet after releasing his first album in 7 years (earlier this year), and selling a little over 2 million copies. While we have been […]

  JT is back, and the charts prove it!! Ever since the release of his chart topping single “Suit&Tie”, Justin Timberlake’s comeback is coming very easy to him.  March 19th, Justin released his comeback album, The 20/20 Experience.  Not only is the album like that, but so are the numbers that the album put up. In […]