Chris Brown and Karrueche

One minute they’re on, than 30 seconds later they’re off, again! Just last week, everything seemed to be peachy between Chris Brown andKarrueche, this morning it seems they are sour grapes. The two took to Twitter with subliminals. Check out the subliminal tweets, here.

Even though Chris Brown and Karrueche called it quits a few weeks back, the love is still there. While in jail, Breezy called his boo Karrueche to confess his love for her and #TeamBreezy. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter, @UrbanInformer!

    From Karrueche has been the ride or die Queen that Chris Brown needed by his side while he faces his stint in rehab. She spent the holidays with her boo Chris Brown and Rihanna’s best friend, Melissa Forde started throwing some shade. Check out the post and Forde’s post too.  Then sexy […]