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You may have noticed that rapper Rick Ross looks noticeably slimmer these days than he ever has and if you were wondering what the secret is to his weight loss success, his new interview with Men’s Health magazine divulges all of the details.   Before Rick Ross began his weight loss journey he weighed in […]

Usher is getting ready for his next fight, literally. For their 25th Anniversary issue of Men’s Health magazine, Usher is front and center as he trains for his upcoming role as Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming movie, Hands Of Stone. To get fully in the role of Boxing great, Sugar Ray Leonard, Usher had […]

From Madea to Alex Cross-Tyler Perry is ready to walk into a new world. A world where people are seeing him as “sexy”. For his role in the new movie, Alex Cross, Perry lost 30lbs. In the latest issue of Men’s Health, he talks about how is he okay with being thought of as “sexy”. […]